Thursday, April 16, 2009


Thank you to everyone who took my quiz—there was a total of 13 participants!

Here is the final score board:

Rank Name Score
1 guess 90
2 Kel 80
3 H 80
4 Kristi 80
5 Wilma 60
6 Friend 60
7 lol 50
8 I shall be nameless 40
9 Katie 30
10 rebekah kaufmann 20
11 tyrna 20
12 Tami 20
13 Vanessa 10

I feel like a teacher right now reporting these results, but here we go…

No one scored 100%. So I’ll put my gold star stickers away.

The person who scored 90% is anonymous. As you see above in the score board, it says “guess.” That person may choose to remain nameless or may reveal him/herself in the comments. I would love to know who scored the highest and quite honestly, I have no idea who it is. But whoever you are, evidently you either a) know me well or b) are a great test-taker! (or perhaps both.)

Kelly, Heather, and Kristi came in 2nd place with 80%. Good job, girls—all 3 are good friends of mine so I am pleased with their scores.

Wilma and “Friend” scored 60%, and “lol” scored 50%.

The rest were 40% and under. Someone even got creative in being anonymous and transposed the letters in my name as an identity.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who participated. For those of you who scored low, not to worry. The 3 closest friends of mine who took this didn’t get above 80%, and I was told by more than one person that this was “tricky.” The “all of the above” questions seemed to stump a lot of you. ☺

Now for the questions overview…

Most people either knew I walked fast or thought I was a “stop and smell the roses” type of girl.

A lot of people didn’t know that I love bacon cheeseburgers because they either picked chocolate or popcorn for my favorite food.

Several people thought my coffee shop of choice would be any vintage coffee shop, when in fact it is Starbucks.

Almost everyone knew the title I would least likely have would be “farm girl.”

A lot of people must think a nick name of mine was Tea Bag and may not know that I was actually called T Dog by 2 of my good friends back in the day.

Most people know my dream car, a green VW Beetle, but those that didn’t know this DID have tasteful backup guesses with the Golf and Mini Cooper. ☺

The next question was a bit controversial. A lot of people thought I would never run more than 1 mile. It would not be my 1st choice activity but I definitely would do it, and often jog for exercise. Also, others thought I would never shoot a deer. One of my good friends even to this very minute argues that I would NEVER do it. I told her if there was a plate with a mushroom in front of me and I either had to eat it or pick up the gun lying next to me and shoot a deer, I’d shoot the deer.

That’s how much I hate mushrooms.

A lot of people didn’t know I had 9 nieces and nephews. That one is tricky because I have a pregnant sister. Noah, Oliver, Naomi, Silas, Domniq, Sophia, Beau, Lola, and Tillie.

Almost everyone knew my original business was called Two Peas in a Palette.

The future boy names question was pretty scattered… the only person who would legitimately know the correct answer to this is Kristi, since I had this discussion with her recently. For all the rest of you… I just wanted to see how eccentric you think I am. ☺

Good job, everyone, and again—thanks for participating! This was fun.

Love you all!


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