Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Confessions of a 20-Something Single Female

As a single girl in her 20s (I'll keep you guessing on the actual age), there are many realities I have come to both accept and enjoy. Here are a taste of some...

1. I love my freedom.
I wasn't always an independent person. But now, that word is the best way to describe me. 

2. They have my order memorized at all the local Starbucks locations.
I'll never forget the swelling of pride I had when I walked up to the counter at the East Peoria Target Starbucks, opened my mouth to order, and instead, the Barista filled in the blanks for me. Although, maybe I shouldn't be proud. Maybe instead, I should be booking a coffee addiction support group.

3. The Mexican food place two blocks from my house? They also have my order memorized.
Because too many are the nights when I'm driving home from work and I'm in my I'm-way-too-hungry-to-cook-and-even-if-I-did-I-would-starve-before-I-finished-cooking-it mood. Either that, or my mom hasn't called to invite me over for dinner with her and my dad.

4. For the past decade of my life, I have always worked anywhere from 3-5 jobs at one time.
And really, I don't mind it. Getting paid to sleep? Taking pictures of darling little newborns and color-coordinated families? Sign me up!

5. I used to roll my eyes at the person who made a big deal over their pets and referred to themselves as "mommy" to them....... I am now that person.
I have two cats, and they are my children. I buy them clothes, sparkly collars, and toys. I feed them and keep them alive. I have a picture of them on my desktop screensaver at work. Don't judge... they keep me warm at night!

6. I am unable to sleep in past 10am, and for this I have deep sorrow.
I'm not joking. I have completely lost the art of it. I think my ability was lost sometime between college and 3 years ago when my job made me get up at 7am.

7. Some nights, I get into my PJs at 6pm and lay on the couch watching Gilmore Girls.
Rest assured that popcorn is involved.

8. My idea of a productive Friday night includes getting my laundry done for the week and cleaning the house.
I do have a social life from time to time, but I'm just saying that the idea of folding laundry doesn't make me nauseous as it once did. In fact, it's downright satisfying sometimes.

9. My relationships are different.
But good different. I am able to invest more fully and reach out more freely.

10. Traveling.
It's an option, and I have minimal headache in making it happen.

And so it is... the life of a single girl. Today, I heard a quote that said something like, "Contentment is being satisfied in Christ, and not thinking you will only be satisfied in a different set of circumstances."

These are my circumstances, and honestly... they're pretty good!

Love to you all... be back soon.