Friday, January 19, 2007


Alright... alright. Here is something fun for everyone.

Your job is to figure out what shoe represents which person's personality. Here are your choices:

1. Abby Klopfenstein

2. Kristi Daniel

3. Tricia Plattner

4. Tammy Sauder

5. Stephanie Gerst

6. Taryn Kaiser

Happy guessing! Love you all! T

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Top Ten Birthday

I have decided to make an exception and post a Top Ten on a Thursday. Let me note that I had every good intention of posting it on Tuesday with a lot of pictures & extensive detail. As I am taking off later today on vacation, I don't have time to create a scrapbook out of it, so I am just going to follow the normal procedure.

Today's top ten is Top Ten Birthday Memories. The reason this is appropriate is because I recently celebrated my 21st on Tuesday.

1. Turning 5- My good friend, Abi Witzig, and I went to Chuck E Cheese together and ran our hearts out, and then we ate pizza and chocolate cake.

2. Turning 1- Seated on my grandma's living room table, I got to hold my birthday cake and be the first to dig into the frosting- with my hands.

3. Turning 7- My mom made me a pink & white cake with a variety of candy decorating it, including lolli-pops that stuck out all over. Needless to say, all of my cousins loved this cake because they all got to enjoy a sucker.

4. Turning 11- This was about the year I started having my "friend sleepovers," which is when I invited all of my friends to come over for dessert, crafts, and a big sleepover in my basement. The tradition carried me through being a senior in High School.

5. Turning 12- On this year, we celebrated my birthday on New Year's with my big Kaiser family. We were at my aunt's that night, and this was the year of our big snow storm when we received a foot or more of snow on the ground.

6. Turning 20- Two of my friends, Kristi and Heather, told me that they would take me out for supper at Chile's for my birthday. I walked into the restaurant only to see about 12 of my friends already seated there- waiting to surprise me! To top off the evening, the waiter at Chile's sang "Happy Birthday" to me.

7. Turning 18- My friends all came over for cookie monsters, and then we celebrated in the basement and made a video to record our memories.

8. Turning 21- On the morning of my birthday, I had planned to go out to breakfast with 2 of my friends at 8:30. At 7 a.m., I awoke to a loud CLANGing sound and a chorus of female voices singing "Happy Birthday" to me. After this rude awakening, they all took me over to Kristi's for breakfast.

9. Turning 16- This is the year I received my first set of wheels- even if it was a bike. It was a nice bike, though, and one that I have used for a good source of transportation. This birthday party with friends consisted of playing the famous game, Mafia.

10. Turning 20- This year was packed with memories- on the actual day of my birthday, I was in Florida. At 5 a.m., I was awakened by my 3 room mates (who were with me) who yelled "Happy Birthday!" and played the trip theme song, and opened 2 doors that showed me a big birthday banner that they had gotten up early to create. That day, we all went sailing in Miami on a sailboat.

What memories... and if anything, looking back and remembering all of this just proves on thing: I have great friends! Anyway, pick your favorite memory or one that you can relate to, and I'd love to hear your birthday stories/memories, too!

Love you all, T