Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I like words. Throughout the day, as I am working and listening, I often hear words used and think, "Was that correctly used?" Or sometimes, I'll make a comment and then wonder if I used the right word to convey what I wanted.

Thank goodness for the Dictionary application (Mac platform). I love it. I keep that puppy down on my dock and click on it anytime I'm in question. All I have to do is type in the letters and an instant definition and thesaurus function pops up.

I know, I know... that's usually the way dictionaries work. Little things fascinate me. :-) I just like to continue to learn and be accurate in what I think I know.

Another interesting feature that I have in my widgets is the 'Word of the Day' deal.

Today's top ten will list 10 very interesting words that I have discovered throughout this process. I know the definitions, and some of you may, too. However, your job is to pick a word you don't know and give me a definition. NO cheating! It's similar to Balderdash... giving a creative description may just make you the winner. ;-)

1. Guttersnipe
2. Alfresco
3. Labradoodle
4. Subfusc
5. Maelstrom
6. Gimcrack
7. Amalgam
8. Chortle
9. Mizzle
10. Hullabaloo

Good luck! Love you all! T