Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm back!

My reason for writing is twofold:
1. Gab keeps harassing me to update, and
2. It's been since February since I last wrote, so. That's 2 months.

Anyway, a few areas of interest, latey:
1. The weather. I mean, SERIOUSLY. It has been so gorgeous! I am absolutely an SAD victim, and the sun's warm rays just speak to me. I certainly hope that we can enjoy at least another month of this glory before we plunge into hot sticky humidity.

2. American Idol. Yeah, I don't know. Now that I'm home again, I have allowed myself to indulge in one entertaining tv show (of course, aside from The Office). I just clapped out loud for Melinda Dolittle in my living room. She is outstanding. I just adore her. I don't know if she heard me or not (probably not), but her performance was just fantastic.

3. Graduation. Yes, that's right. I graduate in 3 weeks. I realized that it won't really hit me until next Fall. Summer is always vague of school, but come next Fall when everyone is registering for classes and I am just hanging out with my job in October, it will be weird. No more homework at the end of the day. No more lecture halls. No more campus. Exciting, but also kind of sad. I am kissing a big time of my life good-bye. It has been an experience-- on that I will miss.

4. Food. Well, this is always a topic of interest. However, tonight I was able to enjoy supper at A&W with my parents, and that was just marvelous. A big ol' chili dog, a basket of fries and a rootbeer float- I mean, you just can't beat it. We ran into some friends, chatted awhile. I love that small-town feel in Morton. And recently, I had a giant peanutbutter cup dessert at Uno's, and that was really exciting.

5. Exercise. Now that the weather has warmed up, roller-blading and running become a more enjoyable means to nurture my cardiovascular needs. Ok, story time.

So, last week, I am out roller blading. I only have 2 blocks to go, as I am going to my house from Dairy Queen. Which means that I have a chocolate blizzard in my hand. Usually I haul, and usually, I am in the street. But tonight, with ice cream in hand and phone in the other, for some reason I end up on the cobblestone-like sidewalk that runs along 1st Street.

So there I go, tucking my phone in my pocket and taking a bite of my blizzard. Well, as I get ready to roll down the little ramp into the street, in the darkness of the night, my rollerblades catch an unknown object and I find myself smack flat on the sidewalk. There was no tripping involved, no stumbling. Stumbling would have been great. But, no. Just SMACK. My knees took the brunt of it, and my hands were scratched and bleeding. My blizzard had planted itself on my neck and in my hands, and all over my face. It was kind of an emotional time, especially since I lost my ice cream.

I lay there, face down on the sidewalk, trying to decide what to do. The only thing that would escape my mouth were small little whimpers, and it was then that I decided to peel my body off the ground and limp home.

I'm fine. My knees are brown & blue, and I have a couple of nice scabs on my hands. Other than that, my spirit was not crushed (because no one saw me) and it only gives me good story-telling content until I do something even more stupid.

Alright... that's enough for tonight's update. I wouldn't want to jump in full-force; that might be too much, so this light-hearted material will have to do for now. Talk at you later. Love ya'll.