Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Top 10 Things I WOULD Do

Last week’s post painted me as cautious in my activities at best, and unadventurous at worst. This week’s top ten will balance those two extremes out a bit.

Following are the top ten things that I would do. Some, perhaps I have done, and plan on repeating in the future. Others speak of “what dreams are made of” in my world.

1. Order Dessert
Every time. There’s always room. And if there’s not, this is where planning takes place. You must order light and eat less, because chocolate cake and caramel sauce almost always tastes better than meat and potatoes.

Ok, so maybe I’m not that extreme. But, whenever I go out, I’m not above thumbing through the dessert menu, if only to see what my options are.

2. Write a Book
It’s always been a dream of mine and a life-long goal, so even if I’m knocking on the publisher’s door at 75, I won’t be disappointed. I’m not really concerned about when this happens so much as that it does happen. In fact, I’d rather wait until later in life, because if I keep getting wiser with my years, then my book will be smarter, more charming, and full of more stories and testimonies.

3. Karaoke
Can’t say that I’ve ever done it… officially (unless belting out songs with friends behind closed doors counts). But I think it could be oh-so-fun.

4. Hike
A recent interest. A few years ago, this would have never crossed my mind. To me, it was always in the “outdoorsy-types” category… only for those who strap very heavy backpacks to their back sides, sporting the best hiking boots and running up the rocky mountain side while chugging from their water bottle.

However, a few late trips have proved that this activity is very enjoyable. I have hiked beautiful mountains in Colorado and Arizona, and among high points are great exercise, wonderful photo opportunities, enjoying God’s great Creation, and reaching the top with a sense of accomplishment, gazing across the land for a breath taking view.

5. Travel to all 50 States in one trip
I have a running joke with a friend that if we are both not married by 30, we will get in a car and take a giant road trip across all 50 states, stopping along each state line to get a picture. I don’t think she knows that I am completely serious. I’m going to show up at her house on January 2, 2016 with my car packed up and ready to go.

Anyway, I believe we should leave a lot of moments open for spontaneity in this life, because spontaneous fun is most often the best fun. And even though this may be labeled as pre-meditated spontaneous fun, it would be a memory worth making, for which I am sure.

6. Travel to other Countries
Another fairly recent interest. A few years back, I wasn’t too crazy about the idea of running over to other countries and experiencing culture shock. However, as my hobby in photography has risen, I see travels like these as an amazing way to capture some once-in-a-lifetime images. Beyond that, the opportunity to learn from other cultures and become educated about historic events, a variety of people, and a plethora of landscapes sounds so appealing.

7. Hot Air Balloon
This is questionable. I’m pretty sure it would be an amazing experience, but I just know that I would have a bout of doubt before boarding the basket attached to a giant balloon. Yet, my excitement would probably overrule any nervousness and I’d be up, up and away.

8. (Sail) Boating & Biking
What came before the motorcycle? That’s right. I saw a bank sign the other day that read, “Tired of rising gas prices? Come see us for your bike loan.” Aside from being a great form of exercise, it’s a “stop-and-smell-the-roses” approach that doesn’t require a motor and is faster than walking.

Boating– either by sail or speed boat. I’ve done both and enjoy them immensely. I mention this mainly because last week I talked about not really enjoying snow boarding/wake boarding, but I might point out that in order to keep a wake boarder happy, it’s imperative to have at least one or two other bodies on the boat… and sometimes it can be helpful if they don’t want to steal a whole lot of water time.

9. Re-Vamp a House, Business or Shop
I’m not exactly TLC, and quite honestly, I’m not handy at all. My grandpa was, and my brother is, but I must have missed that gene. However, I see many adorable shops and old-fashioned homes with vintage looks or even bright & bold décor, and it sends my brain rolling. Someday, it would be quite an accomplishment to take a blank canvas and turn it into a work of art. I would be outsourcing a lot of the handy-man work if it was a project which had a huge need of it, but the rest I’d love to handle.

10. Spread the Word
I believe the good Lord has placed within each one of us the ability to do this in different ways. Most of us have talents in which we can share, but a lot of us may be placed in situations where our unique personalities and backgrounds can be of use. It is my goal to always be consciously aware of this fact and not waste a single opportunity or moment to share by what comes most naturally, and even sometimes, in times when it may be unpopular or stretching.

Love you all. T

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Top Ten Things I Would Never Do

As the saying goes, “Never say never.” Yet, the point I wish to get across with this top ten is that these are among the top activities that I would rather not do. It’s doesn’t mean that I won’t, but I’d really rather not. Call me unadventurous, boring, or lame… but at the end of the day, I’d like to still be walking on two feet. Note that some of these events are something that I have tried and did not walk away doing cartwheels for, which is why they’re on the list.

We all obtain that zippy, excited feeling of “adrenaline” that rushes through us in different ways. Most of us end up going out and doing something daring… something that could quite possibly push us close to the seat of death without actually killing us. This adds to the “rush.” However, I am of the type that tends to avoid these sorts of activities. I would just as soon let you be the one who jumps out of the plane or climbs the giant rock, and I’ll stand on the sidelines and cheer you on and take your picture.

If you are of the crowd who loves all of the activities that are in my list, then that is wonderful. It takes all kinds, right? We need the ones who aren’t afraid of adventure and who are willing to walk out on the limb a bit, or else nothing would get done in this world.

Here’s the list. Some of these aren’t actually what you would call “knocking on death’s door,” but also ideas that don’t strike me as the world’s most interesting.

1. Sky Diving
Even thinking about it puts me into a panic. The idea of falling out of a plane that is thousands of feet up in the air is not something that I wish to explore. We were born on the ground held down by gravity, and I don’t mind keeping it that way.

2. Roller Coasters
Or any amusement park ride, really, aside from the Ferris Wheel. Too fast, too uncontrollable, too dizzy. Plus I LOVE to eat, especially at carnivals, and so I like it that the food stays in my stomach. Whenever I go to amusement parks or my much-loved town Pumpkin Festival, my favorites are among standing in line with friends and holding coats/purses while they enjoy the rides, taking pictures, walking through tents, and eating elephant ears and cotton candy.

3. Storm Chaser
When I was little and there was a tornado outside, my dad would always be up and down the stairs in a tizzy, checking out the conditions of the sky. I would be cowered in the corner with a book over my head, praying to the Lord that the house would not get sucked up into the sky. However, the thrill of the storm allured my dad. I could never understand it. I loved the weather as a kid, and still do—I’m not above checking the weather section of the newspaper or visiting www.weather.com, but it’s usually to check the UV index or when it’s next going to be sunny. As I’ve gotten older, I can understand how interesting and intriguing storms can be, but I’m still not signing up to go chase one.

4. Snow Boarding, etc.
I’ve done it a few times. I am actually quite partial to the trick skis. However, gliding down a mountain on some sort of square or rectangular device at high speeds with icy snow and cold wind in all directions… especially when I remain the uncoordinated klutz that I am… is not my favorite of all times. If there’s a big group going snowboarding during the winter season, I’ll go. Who can pass up the road trip, the camaraderie, the memories, and the hot chocolate you can get in the lodge? However, this makes the list because it’s one of those sports that you can get quite daring with, and I must say if I never went snowboarding/skiing again, I wouldn’t miss it.

I may be in trouble after writing this as half of my readers are hard-core boarders!

4. Race Car Driving
Or going really fast in cars. Another very fast activity. Not necessary. Ok, I might do this if I had a very long, long, straight road in which I knew no obstacles would be before me. Take the thing up to 150 and see how I felt. But under any other circumstances, I would be thinking about what the consequences would be if the car sped out of control or hit something.

5. Doing Donuts in Parking Lots
We’ve all experienced it. Sometimes on accident. Or, some of us think it’s fun, when the snow starts falling, to drive into a vacant lot and slam on the brakes, and see what happens. Not me. I’d rather make a snow angel.

6. Motorcycles
I think they’re great. It actually makes me happy when the weather starts getting warmer, and all the guys get out the old bike and go for a spin. I also feel very sorry for the bikers who get caught in the rain. Yet, somehow, I don’t desire to ride on one. If I ever become persuaded, I’m sure it would be fun, but another activity that may send chills up my backside.

7. 4-Wheeling
Same thing as motorcycles. If I never ride on one again, I won’t be sad. But if the chances arises, I think they can be fun.

8. Deep Sea Diving
Another thing that seems to panic me by just thinking about it. My thought the entire time would be, “What if my air ran out, what if my air ran out, what if my air ran out…”

9. Hunting
I’m too noisy and restless. Besides, although I’m not some huge animal activist, I don’t really believe in shooting the innocent creature just because he happens to be walking by and I want to hang him up as home décor. I think it’s a fine sport for those who enjoy it, but I most likely never will. Now if the name of the game (no pun intended) was to photograph the deer, that, I could do.

10. Ice Fishing
Not too fond of the regular kind of fishing, anyway, and then when we add polar temperatures to it, I lose all interest. I might be caught sitting in a boat someday amongst a small quiet pond, a blue sky as my backdrop and a fishing pole in hand. I love the thought of a silent afternoon in calm peace with the sun shining down and fish swimming on under me. Yet this is just on a sunny afternoon on a lazy summer day… not a week-long trip devoted to braving the icy weather and frigid atmosphere just to bring in some underwater creatures.


There it is! Perhaps next week will be about activities that I do enjoy, so you don’t all think that I am the most uninteresting and unadventurous soul walking on the planet. Now it’s your turn. If you are a risk-taker at heart or simply just dig a lot of the items on my list, share a story or a thought!

Love you all! T