Friday, January 19, 2007


Alright... alright. Here is something fun for everyone.

Your job is to figure out what shoe represents which person's personality. Here are your choices:

1. Abby Klopfenstein

2. Kristi Daniel

3. Tricia Plattner

4. Tammy Sauder

5. Stephanie Gerst

6. Taryn Kaiser

Happy guessing! Love you all! T


jake said...

I tried to do this and gave up after about 1 minute.

JakeGman said...

that is a tough one...I should be able to get my sister's...steph would def. be in the pink, but I don't think she has shoes like that?? and I can see her painting her toe nails pink and I think those are her brown I think I will guess steph with the pink toenails and brown shoes! I may be wrong though!! :)

that is really tough...since all you girls are pretty much alike anyways.

sarah said...

Dear Jake,
I've seen Steph wear flat pink shoes like the ones in the picture.

taryn said...

Let me just clairfy that we were all in Payless Shoe Source and "tried on" these shoes. So owning them is not a requirement. Maybe I should start giving hints... this seems to be difficult for everyone. Jake is correct about Steph's shoes.

thedoorsopen said...

1. Abby Klopfenstein

2. Kristi Daniel

3. Tricia Plattner

4. Tammy Sauder
Brown flower sandal

5. Stephanie Gerst

6. Taryn Kaiser

heather said...

Abby-brown peep toe
Kristi- yellow
Tricia- camo
Tammy- brown w/ flower
Steph- pink
Taryn- green

thedoorsopen said...

Heather, either I'm not reading T's message right or you didn't read it at all, because we shouldn't have different answers for steph... perplexing

taryn said...

My mistake, I think I may have led you all away...

Here are the answers, and I am sorry because I was wrong about what I said about Steph's shoes.

CONGRATS to Heather, who got them ALL right!!!

CAMO: Tricia Plattner
YELLOW: Kristi Daniel
GEEN: Taryn Kaiser
PINK: Stephanie Gerst
BROWN HEEL: Abby Klopfenstein

heather said...

YES! I am amazing!

fashion said...

looks nice....if i'd also like to stand with my favorite josef seibel shoes...