Monday, April 13, 2009

experimental shooting

Photography is an interesting concept in my life.

Not only is it my "job," but it is also my hobby. At first the line between professional work and my interest in it as a creative pursuit was a bit blurry, but now it seems to make sense.

Imagine Artists is a photography and graphic design service designed to provide a solution to customers who want to hire us (Kristi and I) as their "creative" eyes. Some projects are independent but most of the work requires both of us, which is what creates a meshing of our styles. Kristi brings classy simplicity and exquisite moments to the table, while I bring vintage texture and candid captures. This combination equals Imagine Artists.

Yet when the day is over and I am done editing photos or designing a logo, I still desire to create. Moments are always there to be captured, and whether I am at a family event or out on the town with friends, I "see" moments. I also desire continued education and learning, as well as experimentation. It enhances my abilities as a creative individual and as a professional.

One exciting opportunity I have had over the past few months is the monthly "Experimental Shoots" put on by a fellow photographer. Each month, he plans a shoot at a different unique location with models and photographers can come and capture images. It is a great way to meet new faces and collaborate with other creative people. It has been an interesting learning experience and a great way to experiment with the capturing of images and the post-production process. It has been fascinating to see the work output in so many different ways. We are all at the same shoot capturing the same models and shots, yet with different equipment and from different angles and perspectives. Furthermore, the editing process can change it up even more.

The first experimental shoot I went to was in January and we shot around in Pekin. I didn't make it to February's shoot, but in March we shot at a very awesome, old home in Peoria. Then last weekend, April's shoot was in Pekin again but at an old school that is boarded up and vandalized. It was a great location and a beautiful sunny day.

I will also mention that we had has some great models for the past shoots. Perhaps I will share some from March's shoot at some point, but following are some of my resulting images from April's session in Pekin.

Love you all!


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