Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I have decided that there are certain things in my life that seem to recur often. So following is a list of things that I might be addicted to. Note the version of "addicted" that I use here: "enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity." By the way, did you know that word is an adjective? I would have guessed it a verb.

1. Coffee
It has come to my attention that in the past 6 months, I have developed some sort of an attachment to this drink. It's funny, though. I brew a cup every morning but by lunch time I look at my blue coffee mug and usually I have only sipped 1/4 of the drink.

However, gas station coffee is a whole other story. I usually grab a 16 oz. cup and layer it with white chocolate caramel flavor and hazelnut coffee, switching back and forth from the machines. They haven't stopped me yet. It's my gas station specialty and it tastes so good. I usually almost finish the entire drink.

Then Starbucks is on a whole other level. In fact, Starbucks itself should probably make the list as a bold item category. But I'll just talk about it here. I hate to admit this but sometimes when I have errands to run in Peoria, I specifically plan my trip around when and where I can get a Starbucks coffee. My favorite drink of choice is the mocha frappucino, and on cold days, the mocha. I love it there.

2. Popcorn
When I say that I eat it every night, I am really not joking. It is to the point where nothing else seems like a better evening snack. Except a bowl of Lucky Charms. But most of the time, popcorn makes the cut. I love this salty snack, and I will put a shout-out to Orville Rendenbacher's Tender White flavor. It's truly a delight! A wonderful buttery snack to be enjoyed with friends, family, or all by yourself!

3. Gilmore Girls
I was introduced to this show a few years ago when I always heard my close friend talk about it. I thought, "What's the big deal?" Then I saw a re-run one day on TV and after just one episode, I was hooked. I asked my friend if I could borrow the previous seasons and I watched them all on DVD, getting myself caught up to what was at the time the last season.

I love the quick-witted chatter in this show and the mother-daughter relationship. It's such a charming show, and it always makes me laugh. Anyway, it is one of the few shows in which I could sit and watch re runs for hours.

4. Pictures
This is a good thing, considering it's a big part of my profession. But really, I love taking pictures and never really get sick of it. We had 3 photo sessions today and while it was exhausting, I still walk away at the end of the day loving it. I am thankful for that!

I have always felt that no matter where you are, who you are with, or what you are seeing in life, there is always something to capture. Always. How it is captured is up to the person capturing it, which is the beauty of being an artist. Anyway, I love images and "seeing" those moments, and when an image can lock away one moment in time forever, it is so special. If I could carry a camera everywhere, I would. Furthermore, if I could choose to be invisible in some situations, I would. I love photographing the candid moment.

5. Dessert
It just makes me happy. It really does. I love dessert. I thought about making this category "chocolate" but I feel as though chocolate falls into this bigger realm of possibilities. I'm not one of those people who eats dessert first or dessert instead of my meal, but I will always appreciate enjoying one. I have a big sweet tooth, that is for sure.


Love you all!



Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on Gilmore Girls, probably one of the best shows ever!

JAE said...

Actually Taryn, depending on how you use it, 'addicted' may be a verb or an adjective.

If you say "I am addicted" then it takes the position of subject compliment for 'I' because it follows the linking verb 'am'. Subject compliments may be either nouns or adjectives, hence this is how addicted becomes an adjective.

If you say "I am addicted to coffee" then it takes the position of transitive verb (present progressive I might add) because it has a direct object, 'coffee'.

Or you could say "I am a coffee addict" and use the noun form.

So if you are specifying to what you are addicted, then you're right, it's a verb. Although it may be more fun to just say you are addicted in general and let everyone else guess.......but then you already let the cat out of the bag.

Thanks for bringing 7th grade English Grammar class back to life for me......

Tasha said...

I'll have to fight with you on the popcorn comment, nothing is better than dad's homemade buttery salty flipped in the air from the bowl popcorn, and what would you like to drink with that, Tasha? How about a pepsi with a squeeze of lemon :)

taryn said...

Alyssa- Agreed.

John- Since when did you become an English teacher? Back off, that's MY job. I'm kidding... although, I will say, I am quite impressed with your little wealth of grammar knowledge there.

Tasha- Wow, I can't believe I overlooked that. Dad's popcorn IS the best and definitely supersedes it all. Sorry, Orville!

katie may. said...

i agree with you & the mocha's.
and there really is something wonderful about gas station coffee.

my personal favorite is french vanilla. :]

Tessa Larae said...

Totally with you on the popcorn and gilmore girls!

I'm thinkin we need to have a gilmore girls marathon with popcorn and coffee to see us through :]