Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Who are you?

If the field of graphic design and multimedia wasn't such an easy road to travel down as far as education, business, and interest (in my case) goes, then I would be a writer. I suppose that I will always be a writer, it just won't be my occupation. And if writing wasn't an option, I would pursue my FASCINATION.

Do any of you have one of those? If so, let me know after I explain what I mean.

My fascination is something that I became interested in a few years ago. I don't know how, where, or why, but it was something that completely put me in awe and still does. It is one of those topics that I could research forever and never get sick of it.

Personality. I LOVE researching personality. So, if options A and B, as mentioned above, were not pursuable, I would definitely be a psychologist.

Anyway, the personality test that I enjoy the most is the Myers-Briggs assessment. It has 16 resulting types, using a combination of 4 sets of 2 different characteristics (reperesented by letters).

You are either:
Extraverted (E) or Introverted (I)
Sensing (S) or iNtuitive (N)
Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)
Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

I am an ENFP. Want to know your type? Take this personality test and find out! I just found this site today and although it doesn't look it (and I got annoyed by the ...'s in the description), it is pretty accurate. Then, go to this website for a better description of what you are.

If you take the personality test, let me know what type you are and how accurate it is. Even if you're not a huge fan of stuff like this... it is kinda intersting, isn't it? It's weird how close they come to describing who we are! It's obviously not going to be 100% accurate, but I do believe the Myers-Briggs testing comes the closest to describing a lot of people's personalities in a general sense with decent accuracy.

All of this talk on "personality" and "who we are" inspires me to take a religious spin on the topic. Ultimately, it doesn't matter WHO WE ARE as long as we are living who we were created to be in Christ! In researching a topic like this, there's a lot about "type compatabilities" and "what type works best with what type." I think that there is some good information out there about that stuff, but whether we get along with someone or not or who we end up spending the rest of our lives with isn't only dependent on personalities cliquing or clashing. It should ONLY depend on God and what He has to say.

Are we in His will? Do we allow HIM to work in our lives and bring out the best in WHO he has made us? After all, GOD is the one who created our personalities... all of us with our very own, unique combination of characteristics that form to make us useable workmen for him. Let's USE the natural talents and positive personality characteristics that God gave us!

Sometimes, we don't get along with others, and there IS a huge personality flaw or clash going on. So pray. Pray to the God who created you and knows you better than anyone else. Isn't that comforting? He knows where the problem is, and He's willing to help you. Or on the flip side, maybe you are in a relationship that is just AWESOME and AMAZING BECAUSE of the personalities just "clicking." Thank and praise God for that!

Today, I was reading up on the personality type facts and my personality type was "overrepresented in writing." Naw, it couldn't be. :-)

Love you all for who you are, T

p.s. Psychologist Taryn Kaiser... sounds natural, eh?


Kristi said...

I am a ESTP. I guess that's what I am. I did that just for you, ya know. And no, Psychologist Taryn Kaiser does not sound natural.


Luke said...

Extroverted: 44%
Sensing: 1%
Feeling: 12%
Judging: 89%

I agree with Kristi on the whole, Psychologist Taryn Kaiser thing.

taryn said...

Kristi and Luke- that's really too bad, because I was seriously considering becoming a psychologist.

Beeg said...

hey taryn!
I'm INTP "it's not theologically possible."

"you can be under-achieving, but a very capable student." I think that's my favorite line in the description.

and YEAH! you should definitely switch over to psychology! I FULLY support your decision in that direction ;)

Beeg said...

luke, what the heck are you doing in engineering as an ESFJ??? shouldn't you be in social work or something?

Luke said...

Social work is my hobby. Engineering brings home the bacon.

ok, so I just wanted to say "brings home the bacon"

I LOVE that phrase.

Heather said...

ISFJ. A "nurturer". The description fits perfectly.

Beeg said...

Well Luke, when you get married and realize that your wife hates bacon, then you should go into social work.

taryn said...

Brit- thanks for the support! At least SOMEONE will back me. And I was also kind of thrown off the first time Luke told me his personality type because aren't engineers usually ISTPs or INTJs? GOSH, Luke, way to pick the wrong career! Only kidding...

H- Yeah, that description does fit you perfectly. I checked it out.

Meg- even though you never commented, I saw a post dedicated to your personality type. I don't know you THAT well but it sounded like you.