Thursday, August 11, 2005

Summer Reminiscing

As I was sitting here, looking up at my bulletin board full of pictures of memories, I couldn't help but remember what a great summer I have had. So... this post is dedicated to some of my best summer memories.

I really should just be getting to bed. Something started getting to me last night (probably allergies) and I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat. Ugh. Now I hardly have a voice and this whole day I have sort of been floating about in an aura of tiredness and "not myselfness," although it has been quite a productive day in which I smiled and talked when I had to. I actually talked A LOT tonight (I was having one of those "if you're willing to listen, I'm willing to talk!" moods), both on the way to Bloomington and on the way back, to two different people (both my future room-mates!), so that hasn't really helped my going-away voice any.

This morning, I woke up, made some cookies that my mom wanted me to make (oatmeal toffee somethings, not my type of cookie but they WERE good and my mom loved em) and some peanutbutter squares with chocolate that are refridgerated and taste like Reese's peanutbutter cups. MMmmmmm!!!! Those were for this weekend. Then, Kristi and I worked all afternoon on business stuff, and squared away some stuff before I leave. That felt good. Then, I went with 2 of my friends to Chile's in EP before heading back to Morton to meet Tammy to drive to Bloomington! Her, Tracy and I met our landlord and his wife to see the apt. and go over some stuff. Actually, a LOT of stuff. But I was so happy, AT LAST, to be able to see my place! It's great! I'm excited to move in! And I got KEYS!

I took some meaurements of my room there and also of my furniture when I got home. Then, I got out a piece of paper and did a little room draw-up with a scale. Wow, what a great practice in algebra. All of this scale stuff and proportions and measuring, etc., I felt like I was doing a story problem for Algebra I!

Back to the topic of the post...

This summer was actually pretty relaxing and slow-paced compared to the previous year of my life, but it was kind of nice for a change. Busy-ness is fun, but sometimes when I let it overtake me I tend to lose my focus and become unprioritized. No good. This summer was a giant refocus and time of peace for me spiritually, which I thank God for! I need that before I head into the real world...

June. The beginning of June always means "Yeah! School is out!" and the beginning of our typical muggy weather. This year, however, the nice stuff held out longer it seemed. I spent a lot of those first days at Laura's pool, because she wasn't in her terribly hard chemistry classes at Bradley yet so she still had a life. Then, she kind of vanished from social life. I feel bad because last summer, I was with her all the time. Every night, we'd rollerblade our 8 mile route (and then go eat DQ!) but I missed that. Instead, I stayed religious to my running agreement to run a minimum of 1.5 miles twice a week. That has been since December (yes, I ran in the FREEZING cold weather, ice, snow, rain, you name it!) Some select people made fun of my black leggings that I wore, but HEY, they kept me WARM, OK? I actually QUIT that a few weeks ago. I still like to run, but lately I've sorta been slacking on that AND working out. There's a nice bike trail behind us in Bloomington so I hope that helps to get me back on track.

Ok, I started talking about June and ended up talking about exercise. Although, exercise was a big part of my summer. That became a hobby to me... in a way where I enjoyed doing it. I hope it can always stay that way. My highlight of June was Relay for Life. I was on a team for the second year (not consecutively, but I would like to do it next year). We were the "Rescuers." To be on a team, you have to raise $100. My first year, this was like torture, but THIS year, I got smart and followed Kristi's lead by sending out letters. Those are huge. It's amazing how many people will contribute if they know it's for a great cause, and what a better cause than research for cancer?

I raised around $1,000, and our team of 12 raised almost $8,000, giving us the gold award. Not too shabby considering we're all college-age kids. Actually, most of that can be to the thanks of Kristi, who raised a large chunk of that number herself. Good job, Kristi! That really was a fun time. Our team did pretty good about staying on the track a lot. I was on the track running that day when a huge gush of rain started pouring from the clouds.

"Continue on!" the loudspeaker encouraged. "We'll let you know if you should go inside!"

About two minutes later, they told us to go inside :-) Needless to say, after that we were all very soaked, cold, and shivering. I think we all ended up changing. Anyway, that night was the luminaria, a special service for either survivors or those who have possibly lost the battle to cancer. I made a bag for my grandpa Schupbach who died of cancer a number of years back. What a touching service... afterward, everyone was invited to walk the track and see the bags with names lining the track all lit with candles inside. My mom and sister came for that, and we walked a lap together and read all the names.

At one point in the night (or early morning), I carried Kristi around on my back for a whole lap. Ok, she may not look heavy but after 1/4 a mile she is! We had fun, though. It was a great team, and staying up all night wasn't TOO bad. I actually got a cat nap in at midnight and then slept from 4-6 in the morning, but we made some good memories.

Second week in June was VBS. I love VBS. We had excellent speakers. I helped with the little kids downstairs for craft time... my mom and I signed up for the 4 year olds. They made a darling little step stool that said "Stand up for Jesus!" with their footprint on it. THAT was fun, painting ticklish little 4-year olds' feet.

Another highlight of June was going to Leo. I almost didn't go, but I'm glad I did! It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing where I was like, "Heck, why not?" But wow, what a blessing I would have missed if I didn't go! Plus, I got to meet Tyler Scott! (That pic is for you, buddy!) Everyone who went had fun laying sod, spreading mulch, and doing some other random jobs that day. Plus, who could pass up dodge ball after lunch and the great supper and singing we had that night? It was a great weekend where everyone had fun serving the Lord, and learning a little bit more about the mission at Gateway. I can't wait to go out for the sale!

July had two highlights. One was starting the business, Two Peas in a Palette with Kristi. It has been pretty successful so far which makes me glad we actually did it! We've learned A LOT, and are still learning. If it continues to grow and gives us a future job... then GREAT! Otherwise... it's definitely fabulous resume material.

July highlight #2 was Arizona, but I won't even talk about that because there's already a post about it. That pretty much speeds us up to today.

Tomorrow is my last day at Dairy Queen. Sniff. I'm going out to breakfast with Danielle and Dawn, my boss's wife (the sweetest woman ever and practically my second mother). Then, I'll work my LAST shift at good ol' DQ. People keep asking me if I'm sad, but I'm really not. I mean, I'll miss it... but I've been there for so long that it'll be nice to just be DONE.

This pic is from last fall... oh, the memories.

This weekend, my family is going to Oak Run. Tasha (my sis) and Tom Steffen have a cabin up there that his family owns. It's nice that they let us use it for a weekend to get away and spend some time together. I'm looking forward to being with my fam one last time before I move off...

Mon. and Tues. of next week will probably consist of me moving madly down to Bloomington, so you probably won't hear from me in awhile. Try not to cry. For newcomers, reading this post in its lengthiness will be enough until then, anyway.

Alright. Well I believe my voice is officially on its way to Hawaii. I tried to tell my dad something a few minutes ago and I sound like a man. I hope it comes back soon, though. I hate losing my voice. I love to talk, and when it's gone I just sit there and think about all of the comments I COULD be making and all of the questions I COULD be asking... and I kind of realize that half of them are unnecessary, but regardless I DON'T LIKE IT!

However... losing my voice doesn't stop me from writing! Ha ha ha ha ha ha....what a pity.

Time for bed. I'm a tired girl who needs rest. Love you all.



Kristi said...

Aw, Taryn, Reading that post made me really sad because we've had such a fun summer. We've grown so close and I'm sooo happy we had this summer to become such good friends, plus business partners!!! I'm so sad you're going to ISU, but I know you're going to have a blast and love it there. I'll visit every Thursday and we can spend our Fridays together so keep a spot for me open!! I love you so much and thanks for a great summer!!! :)

taryn said...

Kristi- thanks for making MY summer so fun. Really... we have had some good memories, and I know that we'll have many more down at ISU. Try to keep Bradley under control since I'm not going there anymore, would ya? ;-)

Anyway, it's guaranteed that no matter what, we can find a way to make everything fun... I always know we're going to have a blast together! I hope it stays that way. One thing I've also always appreciated about you is your ability to easily stick to your convictions, even when your other friends don't. You do a great job of loving God and standing up for what's right... and showing others how happy and better-off you are because of it! (Not that I would assume anything less of you, but it's one thing that I appreciate about you and your friendship.)

Love ya,