Monday, August 15, 2005

On the Move

This weekend, I went to Oak Run with my family. Guess what? It was cloudy and rainy the whole time. Like my family joked, we didn't get ANY rain this whole summer and the one weekend we go away to enjoy it... it rains. Ah, well. We ddin't much mind as long as Morton was getting some precipitation, too... and it was. So all was good.

We had a great time being together, though! Sometimes it is just fun sitting around and relaxing, even if it is indoors. I went out on the boat with the boys on Saturday morning. We all went skiing. While I was up, my brother kept motioning for me to get out of the wake and when I wouldn't, he'd pull the rope in the direction that he wanted me to go in. What a fruit cake. Then Tom looked out at me after awhile and held up one finger. This meant that it was time for me to kick off a ski and go it single. Ha. Well, not sure as to the correct technique to use, I completely just WHIP off the ski as fast and as furiously as I can and WHAM! I'm down. It was fun, though. Later, in the boat, Tom's like,

"Usually, Taryn, you kind of lift up your foot slowly and test it out, and then gently kick your ski off..."

That information could have been helpful before I tried it. Or maybe I could have just used my common sense. But regardless, my back is still sore. Then, Tate and I took Noah and Domniq (4 and 5) out on this MONSTROUS tube (a THREE seater!) for awhile. That was pretty lame, although I understand that with little children, you have to go slow. After they were back on the boat and it was just Tate and I, the mischevious Tom had to test out this monster-tube's ability to TIP OVER. I don't think it's humanly possible or tubily possible but he tried. He took us around curves at about 30 mph which woulda put Tate and I at 60 mph. Yeah we were going FAST. Tate said he had never been so scared before. I wasn't scared but then I also wasn't the one unable to control myself (he was bouncing EVERYWHERE).

Back on the boat, when it was Brad's turn to ski, he was up there whimpering about how cold and wet the life jacket was so I proceeded to tell them all that they were big babies for crying around about coldness. Weren't they man enough to take it? That wasn't my exact wording but it still got me dumped in the lake by Tate. (It's ok- I kicked him off the tube later on when we went again). AND, when he threw me in, TOWEL AND ALL, he was so concerned about saving the towel that when he was leaning over the edge to retrieve it from me (BAD move, Tate, esp. with Tom in the boat), Tom came over and knocked him the water right next to me.

"That was for you, Taryn!" he yelled. SWEET! At least someone's on my side.

So, as you can see, even though it was cloudy, we all managed to have fun. We played lots of games and ate lots of food.

On Sunday afternoon, the boys fished.

Oliver was cast-happy. He would cast, wait 3 seconds, reel it in, then cast again.

He needed Grandpa's assistance after awhile. He showed him how to cast correctly.

Tonight my mom, dad, Kristi and I moved out all of the furniture I'm taking down to ISU. That included 2 huge couches that hardly made it out of the basement, and 3 tall dressers, my bed, and much more. My dad and mom both drove down trucks and we got it all there and moved in! I'm SO excited now that it's happening. Tomorrow, my mom, sisters, Kristi and I will take more down and finish it all.

My dad and I got Steak n' Shake on the way home and then I went with him and worked out at Nautilus for the LAST time. I could cry. Even though I am excited to move away, there are little things about being home in Morton that I go and do or that are just available that I will miss so much. At Nautilus, the guy who owns it, Mark, has really stuck with me these past few years and practically personally trains me. I suppose I can go visit on weekends but it's not the same. I'll have to find a gym down at ISU.

Guess what? I think I'm going to take the bus to school. Kristi laughed at me today when I said that but I think it's way cool. I've never taken a bus to school and there's this free charter that comes every 15 min. and picks up loads to take to campus. How sweet would that be?

This post is getting long and I'm running out of stuff to talk about so while that is the case, I'll close. By the way, my voice came back on Sunday. Thank goodness.

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