Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Definite Benefit

Tonight, I went to Benefit Dinner Choir Practice.

What's that?

Every two years, Morton AC Church holds a Benefit Dinner in early November for two nights (at the Fellowship Hall). The Bible Class is trained, almost professionally (thanks to Lynn Roeschley, the lady always in charge of the delicious food!), how to formally wait on tables and a very nice meal is served by them. This is mostly because the dinner is a benefit to them, hence, the "Benefit Dinner." Money that is raised at this dinner goes in part towards a missions trip the Bible Class takes every 4 years. Proceeds also go towards other charities and organizations in need.

The night is followed up by a massive choir of around 60 singers (or more) who deliver a beautiful message through powerful singing. Sitting in the audience is moving, but the best seat of the night, in my humble opinion, is a seat in the choir.

Tonight, I was reminded of how powerful it can be singing in this group. It is open to anyone who is able and willing to sing. The songs we sing are so.... majestic! It's great. We practice 2 hours one night a week and when it gets closer, two nights a week. By the end, it is a beautiful harmony of hugely ranged voices combining to make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Phil Witzig is our director. Now THAT is a man with an evident gift from God. He directs like no other... with a contagious love of music and singing, and with enthusiasm that gets mirrored to all of us.

Alright... it's late and I'm getting overly passionate about singing in a choir, so I should close. I just wanted to share my excitement for singing and give the 411 on the dinner. Everyone should come and taste and see (and hear).

Love ya'll.



Paula said...

Sounds like a great time! I can't think of anything I'd rather do than sing praises to our King with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Can't wait until tonight so I can worship with my church family. Check out my hubby's site

Make sure to leave him a message and tell him I sent you. My mission today is to bless my hubby with comments on the band's blog. You're the first one I've hit witht this mission!

Luke said...

:) Welcome Paula! You've found a great site here!

I love to sing too Taryn. God definitely gave us a wonderful gift when he gave us song.

Beeg said...

I know what'cha mean about being inside the choir. The F-ville choir is mostly old people. I LOVE it, practices are a riot, cause they all know each other real well, and we have like 10 song leaders in the choir, so they're all teasing each other and critiquing each other. But really, the best part IS being onstage and hearing all the sections around you and watching the audience's reaction.

krisT said...

Taryn, are there any Hoerrs that go to Morton?