Sunday, August 07, 2005

And that's the way the cookie crumbles...

Anyone know what Jim Carrey movie that's from? Not too hard to figure out if you've seen it... it's a good one. I like that quote and will try my hardest to use it periodically throughout this post so as to tie it in with my many stories and thoughts.

I went to Emily Endress's apt. last night and ate supper with some girls and then we played games. We played Imagine If...Has anyone ever played that? It's REALLY fun.

One question was, "Imagine if Taryn were a breakfast. Which would she be?" I kind of forget the choices but most said I would be pancakes and maple syrup. Mmmmm. You're all probably lost if you've never played that game but just try it sometime. Good laughs will result. And that's the way the cookie crumbles.

She had this book there with all these indiosyncrasies and weird things that people do. Most of them just seemed OCDish to me, but one guy wrote in that he never dries his dishes. Instead, he microwaves them. CRAZY! Another girl was afraid to touch wooden spoons in her kitchen. If she did, she would have to leave the kitchen and recuperate because she thought they felt weird. Ok seriously. It's WOOD! Most of them made me laugh and appreciate my semi-normalacy. Although, I suppose I am pretty OCD and I think we all are half the time, without even realizing it. I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

So anyway, during one of our games, we heard glass shatter outside. Weird. Then, about two minutes later, we heard this huge CRASH. We look out Emily's upstairs window and see this truck pulling away from Erica's car. Ok, NOT COOL. A couple of minutes later, THREE cops show up and we all went outside to check it out when Emily's grandparents (who live downstairs) rang our door bell.

Turns out, this boy was COMPLETELY wasted, and it was ONLY 9:30. The cops were helping him (holding him up) as he tried to walk a straight line, failing at it miserably as he stumbled frequently. The cops came over to Emily's grandma to get her witness report and informed us he was pretty intoxicated. He basically had just gotten in his truck and floored it in reverse, jamming into Erica's car. It wasn't TOO bad, and she got her car license and registration stuff taken care of, but I felt really bad for her. Here she just moved and look what happens to her car!

When I left later that night, I saw two boys outside and went over to talk to them because they wanted to know what had happened. It was actually two boys from my class in school, so they knew me. They live with the boy who got arrested, and he is a class below me in school. They told me it would be his SECOND DUI. Sick. Good luck to him ever getting his license back, esp. if it was a hit and run.

What really just re-instilled itself in me was the fact that SO many kids out there are up to no good. I mean, it's obvious without witnessing stuff like last night, but it just makes me sad. It's like anyone who isn't a Christian can't find any better use of their time than drinking and partying, but then, I suppose, what else do they do for fun? And besides, if they can't solve yesterday's problems or tomorrow's concerns, alcohol can at least numb the pain for a night. Drugs can make life seem euphoric. What better source to confide in than a few drinks and a good time? Our world is CORRUPT. Kids searching go to all the wrong places! It makes me so sad. Yet... what do I do about it? What CAN I even do about it? Sometimes when I think of stuff like this, I'm like, "Oh, well, surely somewhere along the line, I'll just go out and be this huge witness for Christ and save their life and make them really realize what is important so they stop their foolish living." No, it's not that easy. It's takes Christ's power to do Christ's work. I have to be willing and ready, and not think that I am superwoman and can do it all alone. I want to help, but how? I just feel so helpless, sometimes. Helpless, but lucky.

Lucky to have grown up in a Christian home with morals. With right living. SURROUNDED by it. TAUGHT it. A lot of kids out there don't have that. Instead, they have a dad that left their family and a mom who drinks her life away. Sadly enough, that IS the way the cookie crumbles.

Let's just remember to pray for those out there who are lost... especially those we know and who are maybe even close to us and are struggling with a rotten lifestyle. It may seem to be working for them now, but in the end, it will amount to Hell. And in all reality, these people aren't happy. Alcohol isn't a Teacher, drugs aren't the Truth, and sex isn't peace. And no one finds happiness without those (the Teacher, Truth, and peace, to clarify).

Alright, I'll get off my enormous soap box and let the cookie crumble some more...

So today, I slept in until 11. Sick and pathetic, I know. But really, it's been awhile since that has happened. I then painted two chairs green that will go in my apt. kitchen. Kristi came over and helped me. I don't really appreciate oil-base paint. It doesn't go on smoothly, and you have to have turpentine to get it off of everything you spill it on (which in my case is a LOT of things). I like the color my chairs are, though, and coat 2 will be going on tomorrow. After that, Kristi and I went to the pool for about 2 hours. My cheeks are like FLAMING right now. Color always comes out at night, I don't understand it.

My cousin, Carrie Spangler, had her wedding tonight at 4, so I got ready for that after the pool. She married Joe Miller, very nice guy. It was a very nice wedding ceremony in this little church in Pekin. My sister, Tasha, sang "If you could see what I see." Her voice is so beautiful. She has one of those voices where you just get goosebumps when you hear her sing. What a gift from God. Anyway, during the song, the pastor got Carrie and Joe's son, Riley (7 months!), and handed him to Joe. OK, and I got teary-eyed! It was just so amazing seeing those 3 (4, really... Joe has a son named Michael who is 5 and absolutely darling) up there in a church getting married and united as a family under God. I think Carrie and Joe may keep the church they got married in as the church they go to, which would be awesome. The pastor had an amazing service, and he would be good for them. Their two boys need to grow up going to church, as do they. I just pray for them and their salvation as they are married and raise their boys... they could use prayers.

Anyway, the reception was at the Pier Marquette in Peoria. It was fun and nice but pretty long. Later on, when people were dancing, I looked up and saw Carrie dancing with a black guy who looked like one of my friends from ICC who I've kept in touch with, named Vic. About ten minutes later, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around and who was it? Vic! It WAS him! I love Vic. He is someone I met through another friend, and I just continued to see him a lot at ICC or he would come see me at DQ, etc. I found out awhile back that he is involved with Cai Alpha, a Christian organization that has a lot of events that go on. He came and visited me at my house not too long ago and is continuing to sport his GODSTRONG bracelet, and I've talked to him about his church and everything, so I keep praying for God to work in his life! He's a great guy. I don't know where he's been or what he's been through... but I praise God that he seems to be in the right direction!

Below is a picture of Kelly, my cousin, and I with Carrie... the bride!....tonight.

Here's a shot I got of my niece, Naomi, this afternoon after the wedding. She is soooo cute.

And that's the way the cookie crumbles.

K I'm sick of being cheesy and trying to incorporate that phrase into every conclusion of my thoughts, so time to wrap it up and throw the cookie out. The cookie has to be pure crumbs by now, anyway, as much crumbling as it has done.

Love you all.



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