Sunday, August 21, 2005

Locked, Leo, Lemons & Leaving

Wednesday night was my first night in my apartment. Very weird. Yet, I am excited.

Tricia and I were the only two there. It is kind of crazy what all happened to us in a 24 hour period, but you can definitely tell we two are new at it. One of the things that happened is worthy of being posted about, so here goes.

All four of us who will be living there at the apartment want wireless internet, so on Thursday I drove to Insight to figure out when they could come hook us up. Well, after a slight misunderstanding, I go outside to my car to call my brother (Mr. Computer Networker who will be configuring a wireless deal for us) to consult him about this. He told me to go back into Insight, so with my phone to my ear, I do my habitual act of locking my car doors.

Now let me divert to another topic for a second. I am a woman, and most women are great multi-taskers. Now. There are times where I am probably very good at this, but talking on the phone while doing other things is not my strong suit. Everyone would always laugh at me at DQ because whenever I'd answer the phone, I'd have to go to the back and sit down in order to concentrate. Or, whenever I clean and am talking to someone, I subconciously stop cleaning and sit down. If I'm doing something intently, it usually requires my FULL attention without any response to all outside distractions.

That paragraph is an excuse as to why when I slammed my car door shut (with both sets of my keys IN my car), my brother made the statement, "Taryn, some days I swear you are a blonde."

Thank goodness for room mates. Tricia came and picked me up, and later that night before I took off for Leo, good old David brought me a key from Morton for me to go retrieve my car. That is the frist time I have ever done that in a hugely inconvenient situation, though, in the 4 years I've been driving.

So other than that, my first day went relatively smoothly. On Thursday night, I headed out to Leo with a group of 14 in a 14 passenger van. THAT was fun! I ended up getting the front seat on the way out, so that was great. It was good to be with our "ICC" group (which really isn't the "ICC" group anymore) one last time.

Our group helped set up the clothes stand on Friday and get that all organized. That night, we went back to Abby Klopfenstein's and had fun in the sun for awhile, then cleaned up and went to the singing at Gateway. The praise singing later that night was awesome, and after that we split up into small groups and went around our circle prayed for topics that were given out every few minutes. What a tremendous blessing to be able to pray together! It's something that some aren't always comfortable doing, but it really is powerful.

Saturday was the biggest AC event of the year. It's always fun to walk around and see people, but it is also fun to help. I helped at the lemonade shake-up stand in the morning, which was great! I've never cut and juiced so many lemons in my life... or seen so many bees swarm me. After we ran out of lemons and got more, we started back up again and had a huge line for about an hour. Fun times! I now know how to make a killer lemonade shake-up. Mmmmm.

After a long, hot day of helping, talking, eating, and walking, it was good to be headed back home. I got home late last night. It was good to be in Morton today. One of my really good friends, Laura, came flying up to me in church and said "I'm SO glad you're here! I feel like I'll never see you again and I'm going to miss you soo much!" It's funny how some people think that me moving to Bloomington means dropping off the face of the earth never to return again. I reassured her that I would be home almost every weekend, and I do plan on it. I love Morton church and it's good to come home and see family and spend some time at home after a long week at school. Today, her family had a potluck so a lot of out-of-town families came. It's always fun when we have visitors, especially when I know them! We got to hear Tim Funk this morning. Great service! He opened up to Proverbs for the first reading... one of my favorite places!

Anyway. Tomorrow is my first day of school, and I am excited aside from my transportation issue. I never got a commuter pass because I figured I'd bike or take the bus, but now I'm realizing that I have no idea of knowing how long those two options will take me so I may catch a ride with a room mate. Wish me luck in my first real week out there in the real world...

I can't wait until ISU Bible Study! Hopefully I'll see some of you Central Illinoisans there.


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