Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby-Sitting {Day 2-3}

Our schedule today:

{7 am} Lola & Tillie wake up
{7:45} Lola & Tillie wake Taryn up
{8:05} Waffles & Peanut Butter for breakfast
{9:00} Baths & Showers
{9:15} Watch part of "Rainy with a Chance of Meatballs"
{10:00} Leave for Tumbling (30 minutes early)
{10:15} Pick up coffee for Taryn
{10:30} Tillie goes to tumbling
{10:45} Lola and Taryn wait for Tillie to be done. Lola eats a donut.
{11:00} Lola goes to tumbling
{11:15} Taryn & Tillie go to Walmart to wait on Lola to be done.
{11:20} Taryn picks out what she needs at Walmart
{11:25} Taryn & Tillie arrive to the fingernail polish aisle to pick out a color. Taryn gets distracted. Taryn can't make a decision.
{11:30} Taryn realizes it's late and goes to check out.
{11:32} As Taryn exits the store, the alarm sounds and the lady by the door has to "de-magnetize" her purchase before she can proceed.
{11:34} Taryn has a mild panic attack that she is so late in picking Lola up from tumbling and tries to smile nicely at the lady who finally gives her purchase back and says, "Thank you for your time."
{11:36} Taryn experience what road rage is really like.
{11:40} Taryn arrives to pick up Lola.
{11:50} Taryn, Tillie, and Lola arrive at McDonald's to meet other family & cousins for lunch.
{1:00} Everyone goes to Taryn's studio to take a few fun pictures.
{1:30} Everyone goes to "Grandma's" to get manicures.
{2:30} We play games (Dance, Chutes & Ladders) & read books.
{3:30} Taryn takes a couple of the girl cousins home and returns back with Lola & Tillie.
{4:00} Lola & Tillie bundle up and go outside to play.
{4:30} Lola & Tillie relax inside with sweats on.
{5:30} Another baby-sitter arrives so Taryn can go out to eat with the adults.
{6:00 on} Lola & Tillie have a fun-filled night with the baby-sitter.

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