Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby-Sitting {Day 1}

Day 1 of baby-sitting the girls... ending well. I only have the 2, but you have to break me in easy. I am quite positive I could have handled Milo, too, but I am thankful for the opportunity to enjoy the ones I have.

There are a couple of things that I forgot about kids:

1) They are inventive.

(e.g.) Cutting a piece of paper into 100 little pieces, making a fort out of a blanket that is covering our legs, and being entertained enough to work on a sticker book for 1 hour.

2) Their curiosity.

(e.g.) Kids ask a lot of questions. And by a lot, I mean, every other sentence that comes out of their mouth is a question. If it's not a question, it's a statement of the obvious that you must nod and smile to acknowledge or else it will be repeated 25 more times.

Toward the end of the day, I became a bit lazy and started answering questions that took too much explaining with, "I don't know." Otherwise, my explanation was too complicated, which only evoked even more questions.

My favorite question of the day: Let me set the scene. We were all in the van, heading home from a dinner of pizza. We had to drive across town, which takes around 10 minutes. We were about 2 minutes from home, and up until then the ride had been relatively silent. Lola pipes up from the back seat,

"Taryn, do you know how to drive?"

My immediate reaction would usually be to remark, "No, I have no idea how to drive," but since 5-year-olds don't usually understand sarcasm, I just laughed and assured her that I do know how to drive. How else would we be driving right now?

And then, "How do you know how to drive?"

"I learned it in school," I told her.

"Do you go to school?"

"Not anymore. I'm all done." (Contrary to popular belief, I'm not 15 anymore, even though I must look it).

"You aren't going to school tomorrow?"

"No, I don't go to school anymore."

"Why not?"

"Because I work now. But I'm not working tomorrow, because I am staying home to watch you."

Overall, today was really fun! I am sure I'll return tomorrow with some more stories. Until then, enjoy the pictures.

Love you all!


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Kristi said...

Ok hilarious. So that question may be my fault. I told Sophie I didn't know how to drive. She believed me for awhile. Until we picked up Naomi then she reasoned I must be joking. We laughed. The younger girls got in the car and Sophie proceeded to tell them on the way to Peoria that I couldn't drive. Lola being a smart cookie asked how I drove to babysit the night before. Somehow magic got brought into things and how when i clap twice the car moves. It left Lola and Naomi stumped. So they asked all the way home... are you sure you don't know how to drive?

Sorry for that. :)