Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I don't like New Year's resolutions.

Never really have. Mostly because I don't buy into them. Largely, people tend to create new year's resolutions about goals that a) die off within 2-3 weeks or b) should be instilled into their lifestyle, anyway.

So just to be contrary, I'm going to create a list of 10 resolutions for myself this year. This just gives me an excuse to create a list, and I love lists. :)

Consider these as more so applying to my formerly stated "b" above... "should be instilled into my lifestyle, anyway."

1. Eat More Chocolate
Last night, I heard that the world might run out of chocolate by year 2020. WHAT! OK, I am sure that there will be an alternative created. And actually, this probably won't happen.

But just in case... it's a goal.

2. Drink More Water
I am convinced that water is the cure to most ailments in life. It takes away headaches and sickness, and it is what keeps our bodies running. It cleanses, purifies, and hydrates. Without it, we cannot hold up for long. Therefore... I want to drink more of it.

3. Visit Another Country, or Plan on it...
I used to despise traveling. I never thought I'd be the type of person who would want to travel the world. Then photography became a passion. And when you learn to live your life through the eye of a lens, it's hard to pass up all the beauty, diversity, culture, and people that God has placed on this Earth. I want to experience it. Ever since I went to Africa, I'd love to do a photojournalistic story of each place I travel. So... I need to get on that.

4. Learn a Song on the Piano
I love to play around and improvise. Yet, that is the easy way out for me. I need to challenge myself to learn a more difficult song... and stick with it until I learn the whole thing. Kind of like piano lessons, but without the teacher!

5. Save More
As applies to money. Save more, spend less. Keeping in perspective that my money is God's and not my own.

6. Stay Fit
This is a lifestyle goal, really. I want to stay active during all seasons. Perhaps the most difficult is winter, especially since I despise winter sports (not that I like any sports at all). It IS possible, though! Especially with accountability. And you feel oh-so-much-more better.

7. Keep up with All-Natural
Forgive me and my vanity... but I usually like to spend a few minutes of my winter weeks in a tanning bed. Actually, I will say... I am a mild sufferer of SAD. So, I do think that this "fake" source of sun has helped me to overcome my feelings of sadness on long stretches of gray gloomy days. However, this winter I have fully embraced the winter, it's cold depth, and my white skin... and, I am finding, it is very freeing and natural. I keep reminding myself... this is what God intended with my skin. So, I need to keep it that way :) Furthermore, not long ago, I read a statistic that a small amount of tanning greatly increases your risk for skin cancer. And I can't ignore the fact that climbing into a tanning bed is very similar to the feeling of climbing into a coffin. So, enough said.

8. Breath Fresh Air
Get outside and enjoy the sun on my face, the rustling of the leaves on the trees, the bright flowers, the ice and snow, the wooded forests, the ocean's waves, the rocks, the mountains, the breeze, the crisp air.

9. Relax
One of the hardest things for me to do. I want to make sure to always have enough time for a bubble bath, or to read a few chapters in a good book, or to lay outside in the backyard and look up at the stars.

10. Devotion
To God! May I never let the day go by without reading the Truth and praying to the One who leads my life... not only for myself, but for everyone that I come in contact with on a daily basis.

Love you all!



Tami said...

Taryn, I literally "LOL'd" with your comment about how it feels like you're climbing into a coffin!!! That's hilarious. Well, I try to comfort myself with my paleness by saying that everyone seems to think the whole Twilight thing is so amazing, and I hear they're called the "pale faces". If Hollywood can make millions on a white complexion, well...that does me no good, but I'll pretend that it relates to me some how.
Loved your list! But you should probably have 11 things on it since it's 2011, and so I think your last one should be that we should hang out more often. :)

taryn said...

You're right, I so needed 11 goals, and I like your idea for the 11th one :) Also, I don't think you have anything to worry about with your complexion... I love the contrast of dark hair with light colored skin and you rock that look!

P.s. I've always thought that about tanning beds... how ironic... since they can cause death... good thing I'm quitting!