Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Life in Pictures

I don't have time for many words tonight, so I'll let the pictures speak for what I've been about these past couple of weeks!

Holly & Kent at their rehearsal dinner
All the bride's maids minus Jenn at Holly's the night before her wedding (we're holding sparkling water)
A quick snap with Holly & Kent on their wedding day!
Arlan & Katie, the lovely host couple at the reception
Holly's flowers
The very cool reception venue
Saying good-bye to Mr. & Mrs. Levy
On the way home from MI, we stopped at a Starbucks for my birthday
Cyd's for lunch for a girl's day party
Girl's Day Out
My FAVORITE cake of all times for my family birthday celebration... Buckeye Cake
Tillie helped me blow out the candles
Tillie and Silas jumping up and down, SO excited for cake!
Naomi & Lola
I found Sylvia like this... on the kitchen table, eating garlic butter with a straw
Hugs from the girls
Birthday girls... my 25th and Melissa's 30th
Tate & Sophie were playing Just Dance II on the wii, and Sophia gave Tate a high 5 at the end
Kristi & I were invited to a lovely morning brunch last week... Lynn is welcoming us in!
Pretty table decor
Oh... reminds me of Spring. Can't wait
Our delicious brunch
Love you all! Will be back soon with words. T

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Tami said...

love the pictures! leah and i were talking about how it would be fun to host a brunch...i feel even more inspired now that i've seen your pictures. :)