Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday Spring!

If I'm back, I'm back. That means to stay on top of the Top Ten Tuesdays! Who could forget?

As Spring is now in the air, let's focus on that. Look at each one of these as not just a "favorite time of Spring," but moreso as a "moment in time that captivates the beginning essence of Spring" that you love so much. Pick the one that speaks to you!

1. Seeing the first baby green leaf spring out of a twiggy branch on your favorite tree
2. Closing your eyes and letting the warm air from the sunlight toast your face
3. The "fresh rain" smell
4. Hearing the tweet tweet tweet and sing songy whistle of the first birds back
5. The morning you wake up and see the "red bud" (looks more like purple to me) trees exploding with vibrant colors and flower
6. The first day you can slip on shorts and flip flops... and not be cold.
7. The ringing of the sirens and darkening of the sky as the 1st tornado warning twists into Central IL
8. The first contact of taste buds to icy, vanilla Dairy Queen delight (let the true Mortonites shine!)
9. The lightning/thunder storms with wind, gray sky, and fast-moving clouds
10. Sighting all kinds of deer and thinking, "At least now I can hunt without freezing to death."

Ok... Spring into Action... and vote!

Love you all! T


Heather said...

I'm going to pretend that I am not offended as you forgot to include "Hiking with Heather" in your top ten for spring. Actually, I am hurt. Very deeply. So deeply the only thing that will take the pain away is to go again...or I'd take a walk on Grandview as well (maybe you would include that!).

Kristi said...

Number 8

the schros said...

i'm all for the warm clothes and not being cold! hooray for barefeet and sundresses on little girlies:)

Luke said...

hmm...I like 2, 3, and 4, but ultimately I'm going to have to with 2. I love it!

taryn said...

Heather, funny thing is, I actually thought about putting that as one of the options. So, you can move on now. And YES we are doing the walk on GVD.

Kristi- that pic is a riot. I forgot about that. I love it!

Katelyn-- for sure!

Luke, a little greedy there in the choice picking. Ha ha, but yeah, I think you chose one of my favorites.

Rebekah said...

i'm going to have to go with #2 as well!! I love being able to lay in the green grass and shut my eyes and just soak up the sun...okay, i'm getting carried away!

great post!

erin said...

#2 is the winner for me.

I kidna forgot about your blog for awhile and then saw you posted on Katelyn's blog. Your post just brought me joy! I will have to make yours one I check on a regular basis now. :)