Saturday, May 10, 2008

Go Take a Hike

Since I failed to include "Hiking with Heather" as a top ten choice, here is an exclusive story on the item.

Last Sunday, I accompanied Heather to a park in Peoria. If you recall, it was a beautiful afternoon... mid-60's with just enough sun to warm you in the sunlight. Granted, most of the hike consisted of hundreds of blooming trees on all sides that were bringing forth greenery and flowers, so it was pretty shady. I love this time of year; it's like an explosion of happiness after a long, gray winter.

Anyway, Illinois needs no mountains in order to provide an adequate hike for the average hiker. All you have to do is drive on over to Peoria and hike up the inset steps that cover the wooded area where we walked. It was great. We both got smoothies from Smoothie King and then hiked our hearts out. Actually, I told Heather that getting smoothies was a prerequisite to my coming on this trip. I love the fruity blended ice.

Our next project is walking Grand View Drive. It's a nice walk with a lot of very unique homes to observe along the way. I'm not sure if we'll be so lucky this year, but I'm hoping that we get a couple of weeks of that perfect 80 degree weather before the humidity strikes.

Below are some pictures of our adventure. Heather, I hope this makes up for leaving you out of Top Ten. It's better, really.

New life

Beginning of the hike


Something was hilarious

She's always breaking the rules

Red buds

Love you all! T


HEATHER said...

AW! I feel so special to get an entire post dedicated to me. :) Maybe I should start blogging again and dedicate a post to my "hiking partner". I love our laughing picture that was supposed to be a jumping picture- can you say coordinated? Or NOT! And I couldn't see myself in the stay on the trails pic. It's like Where's Waldo. I never did like those books...

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Hi Gab.