Monday, May 12, 2008


It was a typical Monday.

Surprisingly enough, my Mondays at work always go by quickly. You would think that after an incredibly long 3-day paradise every weekend, putting in a 10-hour day would be torture. Today was fine, though, because we are so busy with High School Track Events. I love being busy.

Anyway, tonight I had to go to the grocery store. Now, I LOVE food. So going to a store that is centered around that particular subject should be fascinating to me. Sometimes, it is. But never in the beginning. It's like a monotonous chore that you know you have to do, but you don't want to. Yet, whenever the doors open and I enter into the food land with shelves on all sides of me, handing me cookies, breads, cereals, chips, and candy, my mood elevates. My first stop is always the fresh and sparkling produce section. I love all of the fruits and vegetables that are spritzed with beads of water. My only tip is to never go to this store while hungry.

Last night, I told my sister that sometimes I crave carrots and she thought I was entirely weird. I don't know why. I suppose that the majority of Americans crave carbs and munchines, snacks and sugar. I will fully admit that there's never a wrong moment for chocolate or a grand old dessert, but usually when I'm hungry, apple slices and peanut butter or carrots and bananas sound soooo good. What do you crave? Better yet... those of you would have had kids and have been through a pregnancy or two, what is the weirdest concoction you have craved?

This week, I'm staying with Heather while she dog sits at her aunt's house. Now. It's the running joke that I will some day grow to be an old "cat lady." I absolutely love cats... they're the best. They are furry and aloof, and keep to themselves unless they feel otherwise. Dogs, on the other hand, cannot keep our of your path. They sniff, drool, chew, bark, and destroy. And they smell. The only dogs that I can handle are the big ones... the ones that you can take on a walk, the ones that weigh more than you, and the ones that could actually protect you. Now that's a DOG.

Anyway, this dog we're watching is fine. I'm mostly just here for moral support, and because I love Heather. Well, and, this house is about 5 minutes away from where I work, so I get to sleep in an extra 30 minutes every morning this week. :D

Alright, that's a wrap. I'm hungry... craving a bowl of cereal...and tired. Love you all.



the schros said...

One time, when we were nearly asleep, I lifted my head, and said "I need Triscuits, now" You may have heard this story b/c Jordan still thinks it's so funny, he would have gone and gotten them for me, but I just settled with wheat thins. right there in bed. But mostly I had a hard time feeling like anything sounded good while pregnant and I ended up eating a lot of grilled stuft burritos from Taco Bell and milkshakes. those almost always sounded good. still do, actually

sarah said...

Sometimes I crave peas. But only sometimes. Usually I crave something like pizza or a big juicy BBQ bacon cheeseburger...... and I'm hungry now.