Saturday, May 03, 2008


*NOTE: Hence the revamping of my blog, I am going to try to start updating more often (ie: more than twice a year), so please visit!

I only work 4 days a week for 10 hours each, so I get most of my Fridays off. This is very nice. Last weekend, we had my sister's kids. That particular Friday, I was in charge of Sophia (4) and Beau (1).

We started off by walking up to the root beer stand. Note-- it's not A&W anymore, it's the "root beer stand." No more A&W food, but it all tastes the same to me. Anyway, it was a wonderful warm spring day, aside from the wind that was blowing all over the place.

My favorite spot to sit is usually the sun, so I parked everyone at a picnic table in the wide open and retrieved our ordered hot dogs, fries, and root beer floats. It all seemed like a good idea until the gusts of wind started blowing our food, paper, and plastic everywhere.

What is a trip to the root beer stand without a Dairy Queen to follow? So, there we were, sitting on the big red bench for anyone driving down Main street to see. About 2 minutes into our ice cream cones, Sophia drops hers. Not just on the ground, mind you, but all over my pants and leg... following by an upside down smiley face and dramatic tears.

The tears subsided as soon as I handed her a new one. Anyway, after this, we started walking to the High School. They were having a "Farm Animal" day, so there were all sorts of creatures to walk around and pet. Sophie loved it.

At one point while we were walking together, Sophie told me, "I know where Grandpa works."

"Really?" I said, "Where?"


Sure I had heard her incorrectly, I said, "Where?"


I shook my head. "No, honey. Grandpa works at Caterpillar."

Sophie looked at me with a troubled look, and we walked along in silence for a moment. Then she pointed out, "Well, a worm and a caterpillar are the same thing."

I had to smile. I love the little connections that kids come up with, and how they communicate and learn.

Later that afternoon, the Steffen children came over to play outside.

Following are some pictures of our adventurous outing.

Sophie posing

Pushing Beau

What to get?
"Just feed me my ice cream."

Holy Cow!

Little PiggiesAlways on the Dance

Spring in IL

Favorite face

Naomi's idea of a Hug

Hey, Beau

Learning to Walk

We love Spring!

Where next?

Love you all! T


duarte said...

hi,nice pics..............

Luke said...

I like the new look! Welcome back to blogger land. :-)

Anonymous said...

Excited to have you back T! I love reading your posts!


the schros said...

Hey T- what a great blog- what a great veteran at blogging-how long have you had this? what a great photographer- what a great a.p. what a great friend. what a corny post. love ya

the schros said...

i didn't mean your post- i meant MY post, or actually 'comment' *what a corny comment
i'm new to this bloggerdom language