Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Top Ten Tuesday 16

I am really busy these days, and just about the only creative thing I can come up with for today's Top Ten is more picture stuff.

Actually, Kristi and I were going to do something really cool for it last night, but then we got distracted by 5-way Euchre with my mom and Kris & Emma Taufer (which was a lot of laughing fun), so I'm sorry, but yes, Euchre does come before Top Ten Tuesday. Sometimes.

Ok. Here it is... some "Photoshopped" pictures of mine that you get to vote on. :) Pick your favorite.

1. Belle

2. Dr. Pepper

3. Painted Daisies

4. Rain Fresh

5. Lola & Sophie

6. Nature

7. Les Fleurs

8. Sophie

9. Purple Wonder

10. Pumpkin

Quote of the Week:

"What are you doing for dinner, dorkfish?"

a. Kristi Daniel
b. Tate Kaiser
c. Edmund Opal Green
d. My Uncle Jeff

So you now have two things to vote on. Good luck! I love you all, and I sincerely hope those of you who can are enjoying this beautiful weather!



Priscilla said...

Dr, Pepper.

Why your Uncle Jeff of course! He's always calling you by that pet name!

ema said...

I vote for no. 7.

Since I don't know any of the people I won't vote on your quote:)

Jenny said...

Dr. Pepper. No contest. :)

Priscilla said...

Oh, Ema! Where's your sense of adventure?

scott said...

#7 mostly because the caption is in french. and i'll say tate for the quote.

Martha said...

My vote is for #5 Lola and Sofie. Kids are irresistable.

And since I'm feeling adventurous, I'll vote for Kristi, even though I really don't have a clue. But hey, what are friends for if they can't call us stupid names.

ema said...
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Kristi said...

So I vote for the Dr. Pepper.

And I love that I am always an option for the quote. ;)

e mae said...

I will have to go with #4...I don't know why but I just think it is a really neat photo. Good job. I will say the Dr. Pepper is my next favorite....