Thursday, May 18, 2006

24 Hours Late

At 5:45 a.m. this morning, I was awakended by a familiar sound.

A familiar, yet annoying sound. The sound of my phone, ringing, and ringing, and ringing, and....

"Hello," I stated groggily, forgetting that this specific salutation usually came in question form.

"Taryn. Taryn... I can't believe it."

"Can't believe what?" I asked, slightly confused about my location.


Squinting around my dark room and rubbing my eyes, the blurry red numerical digits on my clock finally came into view; yep, it was definitely too early for a normal thought process to be taking place in my mind, but nonetheless, I became aware enough to notice the extreme drama seeping through my cell phone speaker. I then tried to think of what I could have possibly forgotten to attend at 5:30 in the morning.

"What did I forget?" I asked, still baffled.

"Top Ten Tuesday. You never posted. I stayed up all night, waiting for you to e-mail me your post, and you never did. I can't believe it."

It was then that I recognized the voice as my blog editor specialist. "Ohhh... oh, oh my. I am so sorry," I apologized, rubbing my eyes again. "It totally slipped by me," I murmured, sliding out of bed and slipping into my desk chair, powering up my mac. "Let me see what the damage is."

Upon checking my e-mail, I had 55 outrageous, unread messages from people who were wondering why I had not posted a Top Ten.


Ok, so that was just a fictional story, and none of that really happened. But I figured I owed you all something for not posting a Top Ten yesterday, so there you have it: a silly story. It's what I do best.

Although I did not have 55 messages or people calling me during early hours of the morning (if I did, I would be quite scared), I did have a few comments in the form of verbal and e-mail communication.

What I really wanted to to do was this: Have any of you seen those credit card ads where it says "My name: My favorite childhood memory: My first car: My... etc:, and then at the end: My card: and then it has the name of the credit card it's advertising (I think it's American Express?) and famous people fill them out? I wanted to do a take off of that, but since I could not find out in any magazine that I have searched over the past 2 days, I will make up my own. Coincidently, I will formulate 10 questions and you get to pick your favorite (Top Ten Tuesday Make-up!) and if you so choose, you may fill out the survey yourself. Here it goes...

1. My Scariest Childhood Dream: I was being chased around our old navy minivan by the scary old lady on Snow White (who had the poisonous apple), and when I turned the corner around the van, she was there right in front of me... and when I tried to scream, nothing came out

2.Favorite Warm Drink: Hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows

3. Biggest Life's Ambition: To write and publish a book

4. Laughing: Must be real. My favorite quote is, "Laughing is the shortest distance between two people." I love to laugh, and I love to laugh with others, and when it is a real, appreciative type of laughter that lasts so long that my stomach hurts and there are tears in my eyes, there is nothing comparable.

5. Random Fact: I despise watermelon, peanuts, and mushrooms.

6. Coffee: Like the smell, it does well in a frappucinno, but without sugar, it's a no-go.

7. Most comfortable spot: Surrounded by pillows and under the covers in the center of my bed

8. Worst feeling: The moment you register your alarm going off very early in the morning, and the feeling slightly elevates in annoyance until you hit the snooze

9. My 5th birthday: My family and I went to Chuck E Cheese, and my friend, Abi, came along. I opened presents at my house and I got a bike with training wheels, an Ernie puppet, and a pack of Reese's Peanutbutter Cups from my sister.

10. My Saviour, Redeemer, and Friend: Jesus Christ

I love you all! Have fun. T


Luke said...

#10...pretty much everyone has to pick this. *grin*

btw, I totally bought your story about your "blog editor" calling you at 5:30.

scott said...

you got your van at old navy? sweet! i'm going to vote for that one!

Codymo said...

pretty much luke is right, but if I had to choose another it would be four. laughing is my first love.

e mae said...

I agree w/ Luke as well but if I could pick one it would be childhood dream...mine would have to be: I used to dream my mom was a witch and she would torture me by tickling me and she had a big pot boiling over i'd wake up totally freaked out and guess what i'd do. I'd run back to my parents bedroom and crawl in with my mom. stupid kid...

sarah said...

Dumb kid.... you should have picked number 4- laughing. That's my favorite.