Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Top Ten Tuesday 14

I almost forgot again. Wow. Anyway, this one is going to be short and sweet, because my agenda for tonight was:

1. Eat a bowl of cereal
2. Take a shower
3. Go to bed

And nowhere in that schedule did writing a creatively long Top Ten fit into the mix. So. Oh yes. It looks like from "Who Sait it," half of you thought my 5 year old nephew, and half of you thought the lady from Ruby Tuesday's. Well, it was Noah, my 5 year old nephew. He's a funny character.

Anyway, the Top Ten is: Pick your favorite random color item:

1. Pink, orange, and yellow swirls
2. The lime green grass that is only available to look at right when Spring hits
3. A navy blue sky with lightning bugs flying about and white twinkling stars starting to appear
4. A gray and black swirl of tornado
5. Red hot chili pepper
6. Fresh, sparkling snow on a bright sunny morning
7. Lavendar lilacs and yellow daisies
8. The indigo in a rainbow
9. Black and red twists of licorice
10. A bright blue sky full of white fluffy clouds

Which one speaks to you? :) Have fun. Love you all. T


jake said...

Number 10 - a nice blue sky with lazy fluffy clouds. Although I also enjoy waking up in the morning and seeing snow coming down, and seeing stars at night.

Something else I like to see is iTunes Visualizations, but that didn't make the list.

scott said...

number 5 is pretty good, but nothing else compares to the beauty of number 6. simply gorgeous.

e mae said...

number 2....first i love green...and second it means new life and warm weather, flowers, planting, short sleeve shirts, and sunny days mixe din with rainy ones of course. so lime green grass!

thedoorsopen said...

lime green grass...

btw, how's that sabattical going for ya? I actually was thinkink of taking one myself now, but I like grass to much.

sarah said...

Number 3. Lightning bugs on a summer night are cool looking and very sentimental.

Priscilla said...

Number 3. Especially with all the night creatures singing their songs.

Kind of wisks me back in time...visiting my cousins out in the country on a hot summer night. We had this huge jar. We caught lightning bugs and put them in. I think I was about 11 yrs old at the time.

ema said...

This one is to hard. I like 2, 6, AND 10:)
If I had to pick one though, it would be......oh, I can't decide:D