Sunday, May 14, 2006

Brief Update & Who Said It 3

Hi everyone. Happy Mother's Day to all for whom which it applies.

It looks as though many of you would love nothing more than to look up into a navy blue sky with lightning bugs flying about and white twinkling stars starting to appear... because that was the winner of Tuesday's Top Ten. Actually, that notion sounds nice right about now. As I shiver thinking about the gray, cloudy gloominess that has set itself over Central Illinois the past week or so, I become slightly depressed. Usually, weather has a huge effect on my mood, but lately, I haven't had time to care.

Times have changed, though. I now have time to notice such things. I finished up with my finals this past week, and the word "freedom" (from school) has never felt so nice. The nice thing about my major, Arts Technology, is that "finals" don't really consists of tests and studying. It moreso consists of an extreme overload of many projects, performances, and creativity that needs to be carried out by the end of the semester. But hear this: I would rather have it that way. In no way does "studying" appeal to me.

For those of you who do not know, I will be keeping busy this summer with a Communications internship at Cat in Mossville. I have been training the past few weeks, and am working there currently. In another week, I will be completely full time, and luckily enough, my dad also works at Cat in Mossville, so we will drive together! It's a nice way to save on gas money. Anyway, I am excited to gain experience through this opportunity, and it will also keep my disciplined and busy.

I was listening for a quote of the week all weekend, and I finally heard it last night. Who Said It? #3:

"I thought I told you to stop eating the water trampoline."

a.) Tate, my brother
b.) Tom, my brother-in-law
c.) David Thames
d.) Luke Knapp
e.) Kristi Daniel

*Notice, the level of difficulty went up since I added 5 choices. Now you only have a 20% chance of guessing correctly.

Have fun voting! I'll talk to you all later. Love you all. T


Heather said...
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Kristi said...

i know... but i can't tell.

Luke said...

It sounds like something Kristi would say to her dog. :D

Anonymous said...

You forgot to do your Top Ten Tuesday Post!!!!

Anonymous said...