Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Top Ten Tuesday 13

Well guys, it's the end of the semester and needless to say, I am running out of steam. Not to worry, I will be back on my feet once finals are done and over with, and the summer has begun. However, today we're going to take it light n'easy and go with a topic that is, of course, dear to my heart:

My Top Ten Favorite meals to order from Various Restaurants. Pick your favorite.

1. Basta's- Angel hair with meat sauce with their delicious bread smeared with garlic butter and a side salad doused with House dressing (a raspberry vinegarette)

2. Buffalo Wild Wings- 6 honey mustard barbeque wings and a bacon cheese burger with a side of buffalo chips

3. Fazzoli's- The 3-way sampler with lasagna, fettucini, and spaghetti, and about 3 of their amazing bread sticks

4. Chile's- an appetizer of chips and salsa with an order of the mushroom jack fajitas (hold the mushroom, please, unless I am splitting with someone who must have them)

5. Ruby Tuesday's- the chicken tenders dinner with fries, plus the salad bar (if I'm really hungry) which includes lettuce salad, spinach, carrots, eggs, peas, cheese, and ranch dressing with croutons

6. Uno's- the deep dish pepperoni pizza (you can't go wrong here)

For you fast food lovers...

7. Arby's- the Market Fresh chicken salad sandwich and some curly friends

8. Subway- 6" club on Monterey Cheddar with bacon, a line of mayo, 3 dots of mustard, some South West sauce, a little lettuce, and pickle, with a bag of Sun Harvest Cheddar chips, and maybe a cookie

9. China Dragon- a pint of chicken and broccoli with rice, or the garlic chicken (to split)

10. Taco Bell- anywhere other than Morton (because for some in sane reason, Morton doens't do this anymore), a Kid's Meal, which includes 2 hard shell tacos, nachos and cheese, and a granola bar, with an order of cinnamon twists

In Morton: 2 tacos, and an order of nachos and cheese, hold everything except the beans and salsa on the side

What are your taste buds saying? Let me know! I love you all!



sarah said...

Let's go with number three. Because those breadsticks are phenomenal.

will said...

Ruby Tuesdays b/c the salad bar is amazing and includes chocolate pudding.

thedoorsopen said...

although I've never eaten there, I think the most appealing is Bastas.

and will, who doesn't have chocolate pudding on their salad bar? RT salad bar is no doubt overrated, their pears are fermented!

Ryan said...

I think I'll have to go with BWW because I was just there. I had medium wings, so I'd probably trade that for the honey mustard BBQ. Their burgers are good though. Their buffalo chips are good, but I think you should try the onion rings if you haven't already. I think I'll stop now.

Gab said...

i agree, the salad bar at ruby's is amazing. i love it... like a whole heap.

e mae said...

Chili's chips and salsa are a staple in my life...oh it has tobe the best. I would have to get the chicken fajita quesodilla (sp) though...but Chili's definetely gets my vote. I think it is my favorite restaurant...so if anyone wants to take me there I'll go...I'll let you pay too...;)

Priscilla said...

I prefer to go to Mac's Philly Steak right here in my town. I also like "El Rincon Mexicano 2"...es muy deliciouso!

Heather said...

you need to warn us before you post about food. *WARNING! may cause extreme hunger!!
I'm sitting here eating a can of chicken for lunch (its about the only meat in the house and you know how I am about getting my meat!!).

#4 for sure. Hold the mushrooms.

thedoorsopen said...

honestly, who else does that? (holds mushrooms.. talk about an essential!)

taryn said...

Sarah- agreed

Will- you commented! Chocolate pudding is good (with whipped cream on top, RT doesn't have that)

Justin- mushrooms are sick

Ryan- I'll have to try the medium wings

Gab- I believe it

E Mae- We can go sometime and order chips & salsa (and I'll pay for your meal if you pay for mine)

Priscilla- philly steak is delicious, we have a place in Morton called "Steak n Fries" mmm mmm good

Heather- I know, I know, reading these comments have sparked my hunger signal, and I am going to fry you up a few pounds of hamburger and freeze it for you so you have it on hand when you go through your meat crazes

ema said...

Even though I've never had either, I would have to say that Nos. 1 and 3 sound the best. Now I'm craving italian food. yum.

Justin-Mushrooms are gross.

jake said...

Yes. Hi. Hello. Uuuuuuuuumm. I'd like a house salad with no dressing please. That's it. Yes, just a salad.

taryn said...

One House salad coming up, hold the dressing PLEASE.

Will said...

Justin--Pizza Hut doesnt have chocolate pudding on their salad bar. And mushrooms are gross. However, the stir fry we got a Meijers the other day is amazing. Amazing I say.

Priscilla said...

Mushrooms are only gross if they are out of a can. Fresh mushrooms are very yummy.

Luke said...

#6 Pepperoni rocks.

Hey, check out my blog and do the personality thing for me. I'd love it.

thedoorsopen said...

can I get any witnesses for the tastiness of mushrooms??? come on guys, a grilled portabella? anyone? I totally got slammed on that