Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Top Ten Tuesday 5

Tonight, as I was accomplishing some very important tasks on my computer, I got an instant message from Kristi. She said, "There are only one and a half hours until Tuesday is over."

Not sure where she is going with that, I give a quick reply only for her to inform me that I have failed to post a Top Ten Tuesday for this Tuesday.

Because Kristi came to my rescue and saved me from failing at this habitual but very important task, I will devote this Top Ten Tuesday to her.

Top 10 Memories with Kristi

1. Being a "Dairy Fairy" with Kristi at Dairy Queen- spending numerous hours at the cash register, making products, and building a Treatzza Pizza castle out of Treatzza Pizza boxes

2. Pulling an all-niter with Kristi- details are posted in a recent previous post.

3. Going on many bus rides with members of the Mortonaires and their families to various church locations... and entertaining ourselves by playing Rush Hour

4. Walking around Six Flags... and eating elephant ears. Kristi and I do not enjoy rides, so when we went with the Sunday School Class in High School, we had fun keep each other company.

5. Making a dating game show at Kristi's house for one of her birthday party sleepovers, and having a very unfortunate occurence take place on VIDEO... I don't think we need to go into much detail about this one, but it could be used for black mail against me someday.

6. Watching Roseanne many times on the couches in Kristi's basement late at night.

7. The moment I said, "Kristi- your dog just lounged on me."

8. Running many errands together, and eating out at The Brick OVen about 30 times to use up Kristi's many gift certificates.

9. Going boating with Kristi- once. (Even though she promised me 4 years in a row to take me and just got around to it last Fall. No, I'm not bitter. Nope.)

10. Starting 2 Peas in a Palette with Kristi and becoming partners in crime for life.

What would be YOUR favorite memory to have? Kristi- I expect feedback from you. :D

I love you all! T


Kristi said...

sooooo many comments I could make about this one. i was worried there wasn't going to be a top ten tuesday. i basically saved your life. people like me count on having a top ten tuesday.

rush hour is an amazing game. i wish i could find it and play it. we played it for hours. i forgot about that.

i should find the picture of us with our treatzza pizza castle. it's pretty sweet.

i should make a post of picture memories... you might be embarassed in some. i might have to do that. i'll scan some very old pictures. it'll be good times.

thanks for dedicating the post to me.

i do love you even though i never see you.


taryn said...

i like how you didn't capatlize anything. it is cool.

i think that in my old age, i have overcome the possibility of getting embarassed too easily. here were my life's options:

1. be embarassed by my own stupidity, blonde moments, and past acts of utter foolishness on a daily basis, or

2. choose to laugh instead, finding joy in those moments rather than a reason to become ashamed.

so basically i am giving you permission to post just about anything you want about me... within the bounds of reason. that is powerful. you should be honored.

anyway, yes those are great memories, and you deserve to have the post dedicated to you for saving my top ten tuesday 5.


Luke said...

I'm kinda scared to vote on this one.