Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Price is Right

Well, I found it difficult to find a "winner" for my top ten music list, because you all took the liberty to make up your own. I like hearing everyone's favorite, even if they don't coincide with my list, and believe it or not, I pretty much love everyone else you all added in addition to my list. So good job.

Anyway, I feel guilty right now. I skipped my geography class for the third time in a row this morning. Let me explain, though. The first time, I purposely overslept because I had been up until 3 a.m. the night before. The next time, I was driving to class from my house in Morton and I ended up getting to Bloomington really late and I decided to skip it to go to the career fair. So it was for a good cause! Then today, and this is for real, I drove around for 20 minutes looking for a parking spot and never found one. I went to 4 different parking lots, and still wasn't successful. So I came back to my apartment and here I sit, watching Price is Right until my next class. This gameshow brings back many memories for me. I used to watch it ALL of the time during the summer when I was younger. I don't know what it was about this dumb show, but I loved it, and I still kind of do. Maybe someday I'll go on the show.

Wow, so many people get the chance to win cars on this show. Here is my dream car:

3 lessons I learned this week:
1. Never order chicken from Steak 'n Shake. There's a reason for the name.
2. If you hit a shopping cart in Walmart parking lot, it will fall over.
3. Never try to play a trick on Tracy while she is sleeping in the basement; she will retaliate before you even have a chance to make progress in your endeavor.

That's all I got. I love you all.



Luke said...

Here's my Dream Car *wistful sigh*

taryn said...

Cool, Luke. But I like mine better.

Hey, if we both buy our dream cars and park next to each other, it'll be like CHRISTMAS!

jake said...

good choice Luke. Mine would be about the same...I'd go with the old 911 S.

thedoorsopen said...

Luke, in Florida I saw a Porshe Carrera GT... you know their SUPERCAR!! Lowest price new: $440,000!

Pretty ridiculous, it sounded INSANE (we drove right by it).

I saw an Aston Martin vanquish parked in Chicago and drove a Viper... that was SWEET!

and then I saw an Enzo (not on the street though), only $675,000 I believe.

Anyway, that is materialism, but very nice cars, personally, I'd take a McLaren F1, not because it's this hoshposh "best car ever", but more or less because it is the best car ever (nothing touches it's track times, including stock cars, and most drivers who test the car and know what they're talking about, say nothing will touch it, like ever, and until this year, nothing did [see Bugati Veyron, 1.25 mil), and it came out in '93!!) and there's only 140 of them and Ralph Lauren has 3 (jerk), and although they retailed at 1 mil, they're worth about 20 mil, and they're only going up, so a fantastic investment, and a street legal enclosed version of an open wheel F1 car, which is insane in every regard.

Sorry about that awful materialism, I'm just sad that I missed the music post, cause I love music and didn't say anything:( From what I've heard that was some POWERFUL worship!

codymo said...

so my sister drives your dream car. Lucky her i guess