Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jay Aye Zee Zee

What does that spell? Jazz. News, Blues, & all that Jazz. We have been on a jazz kick at our apartment this past week and I LOVE it. Whenever I hear jazz, I get an excited, bubbly feeling inside of me and I am just so happy.

Let's not stray too far away from weekly business, though. I have a Top Ten Tuesday 5 to conduct.

Today's topic: Pet Peeves. We all have them... those things that just GRIND to our very core and make us want to SCREAM. Here are mine:

1. Slow walkers. Seriously- if you have somewhere to be, join me in the right lane. If not- scoot over to the left and smell your roses. I don't know why, but my "regular" walking pace has always been considerably faster than an average person's fast walk, so I become angered very easiler when I am trapped behind huge clusters of slow moving people.

2. Semis on the highway. I've always thought they should have their own highway. It would solve a lot of annoyances.

3. Spelling and grammatical errors, especially in important documents.


5. When people curse a lot. It is disrespectful and it lowers their credibility... by a lot.

6. Going to the dentist. I don't mind it so much anymore now that I don't have to sit there with flouride in my mouth and gag over it for 2 long minutes. But still. I recently got 2 cavities filled and I thought I might die from having my mouth open for so long, with those shrill drills screaming into my mouth and creating pasty, bad-flavored debris that ran down my throat.

7. People who never have been, never are, and never will be wrong.

8. Trying to instruct people from our parent's generation how to check their e-mail, play a DVD, or use their cell phone.

9. People who don't eat regularly. I like to know that I am going to get fed, and better yet, WHEN it's going to happen. It's called nutrional secruity.

10. People who call me but don't leave a voice mail. Most people don't like listening to voice mails, but I like knowing why the person called so I can be on task when I talk back to the person.

Well, that's it. I'm officially annoyed. Kidding...kidding... but thinking about this stuff kind of gets me riled up.

I'll just end in a note of love- I love you all. T


Priscilla said...

It's number 5 for me. Definitely get annoyed by the cursors. It's funny but I was thinking of a similar idea for a blog-a Thursday 13 of things that annoy me. But I gave up because I couldn't think of 13 kinda silly ones. The one that I thought of:
Being in the shower and finishing. Turning off the water, reaching out to get your towel where it normally hangs and discovering nothing but a cold, metal towel bar!

Priscilla said...

Uh oh! I made a spelling error! I think it is spelled "cursers" (?) I hope I didn't annoy you!
Do I ever get annoyed by the little blinking cursor on the computer screen? Probably not! lol!

ema said...

Hey Taryn, I got on your blog off of Joel L.'s. I really enjoy reading it. My pet peeves from you list would definetely be numbers 7 and 8. I must confess that I am a number 10. I can't bring myself to leave a voice mail it's just to weird talking to a machine and then I feel like I'm on the spot or something.

Gab said...

5 and 7 run pretty close in my book.... 5 because it puts the words in your mind... 7 because... i feel my blood pressure raising... there's nothing like ppl not admitting their wrong. altho i have to have some sympathy because there are times when i don't think i'm wrong (which is tru, but ya know... jk) ;-)

Heather said...

Numero cinco! It is very uncouth and just plain gross. Number 8 ranks up there. Trying to teach my boss how to do anything on the computer is like trying to teach a first grader physics. It truly is impossible! Number 2 scares me. Especially where 155 merges onto 74 West and you end up in the middle lane with a semi on each side. I step on the gas trying not to get smashed as they play musical lanes trying to get on 474. It about gives me a panic attack. I never thought of them having their own interstate, but I would fully support it!!!

taryn said...

Priscilla- ha ha, that made me laugh. No, you didn't annoy me, although I did notice it and wondered myself how that word should be spelled. I kind of had trouble myself coming up with just 10 annoyances, but once I got riled up, I just kept going!

Ema- I'm glad you read it! I think it's funny you don't like to leave voice mails. I LOVE leaving voice mails. Sometimes, I even leave 5-minute long ones to my really close friends, but somehow I think that after hearing me babble for 30 seconds, that sit there and push 7...7...7...

Gab- I'm laughing...

Heather- I actually had to count on my fingers in Spanish to see what number that was. Wow. Ok, but I took French, so I'm allowed to do that. Anyway, I agree about the whole merging semis thing by I55 there. It's even worse when you're coming off an entrance ramp and merging into the interstate and semis pretend not to see you and don't get over and then you either have to slam on your brakes or get crushed. *grrr* Anyway, I think it's a fabulous idea for you to come to Wed. night church tomorrow night. Pretty please. If I didn't have class we could go out for supper- maybe dessert, or Starbucks? Oh wait, that's right... you've given up sweets for 4 weeks... :D

Luke said...


natz said...

Number 3. Definitely number 3. I can NOT stand it when people spell something wrong or misplace punctuation. I'm an English/spelling freak. I absolutely LOVE editing my friends' papers in hopes of saving the world from a word that is spelled wrong or a comma that really should be a period.

taryn said...

Luke- congratulations on accomplishing 3 of my pet peeves in your comment.

Natalie- I couldn't agree with you more. In High School, my friends would send me their papers to check them because I was a grammar freak. I'm glad there is someone else out there who can share this world-saving talent...

scott said...

i'd say 1 especially when a group takes up the whole sidewalk and you have to walk in the grass to get around them. it also applies to driving. if a semi has to pass you, then it means you're not driving fast enough. my own little pet peeve: people who change from tenor to bass (or vise versa) in the middle of a song. it really throws me off and i find it annoying.

thedoorsopen said...

T- I've always been under the belief that fast walkers walk on the left of their lane and slow to the right (because of our interstate system). You might have more success that way... I don't know, ask everyone what they belive and it may help you on your journeys by foot.

I'd pick 4 or 10.

P.S. Jazz is incredible (you have to listen to quite a bit in jazz band of course, including some incredible concerts), I've developed a deep love of jazz, trying to play, and listening to some greats. Who do you like?