Monday, February 13, 2006

Founder's Weekend

I went to Founder's Week in Chicago this weekend with a great group of people. There are only three words to describe it: Ah Maze Ing. It sounds like I'm speaking Chinese but what I mean to say is that it was absolutely splendid!

We arrived at the Moody Bible Church on Friday night in time to hear a wonderful lesson by Chuck Swindoll- many of you may have heard him and others on the radio. We had a full day of speakers on Saturday, as well. Some of us from our group wandered around Chicago all afternoon, which was very random fun. I captured some great shots which are pictured below.

Holly, Kristi & I showing our Blow-Pop colored tongues (Strawberry is the best flavor, by the way)

Our car passengers with the best driver ever and Holly's new hero (who rises above President Bush)- Janelle

Beautiful House of Worship

Interior shot (disregard blurriness- I was trying to capture the spectacular lighting)

One of my favorite pictures- Maks and I trying to take a "cool" shot with the 3-way mirror action- Paul looming in the background

In downtown Chicago, they have the coolest McDonald's ever: it has a table which reacts to hand warmth or motion when you touch it. Looks like Holly and I have a pretty strong connection.

Enjoyin' some refreshing Starbucks tasties

Imagine standing in front of a gigantous, blinking face made out of thousands of pieces of screen.

We're ice skating! Ok, not really. It would be hard to top the romantic level of that: ice skating outside in downtown Chicago on a brisk, winter day. Ahhh...

Our group shot in front of the columns

Chicago is so fun to photograph from 4-5... the colors are so vibrant and breath-taking...

...and fast.

What a blessed weekend! Thanks to all who went who made it a fun, enjoyable, and spiritually focused weekend!

I love you all!



taryn said...

For a similiar, and I must say, more thorough re-cap, check out Kristi's (or Pea #2's) blog. You beat me to that one, Kristi. I guess that's what I get for giving you my pictures...

Kristi said...


JakeGman said...

Great Pics!! What an awesome weekend!! I had a blast and am full of the Spirit. I have to agree and say that Kristi did a little better recap...but all in all the point is, it was AWESOME!

God Bless,

Jake <><

thedoorsopen said...

Wow, regardless of who posted, sounds like an incredible weekend! I would have loved that. Plus the pictures were quite grand! Moody is right by Caprini (sp) Green, did you walk by?? A friend of mine went there (moody not caprini!).

taryn said...

Kristi- yes, yes, brownie points for you.

Jake- Your sister sure does know how to "neigh." Was she a horse in her past life?

Thanks Justin, it WAS a great weekend- and yes, you would have loved it. Can't say I looked for or saw Caprini Green but that is very cool that your friend went to Moody- I think it would be a very awesome endeavor.

JakeGman said...


Sometimes I wonder?? I must say though, that I do a much better horse impression than what she did! :D

maybe it runs in the family!