Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Top Ten Tuesday 4

Today's Top Ten consists of my Top Ten Biggest Happy Moments of this week. Pick the one that would make YOU the happiest.

1. Sleeping for 12 hours on Sunday night
2. Completing a web site
3. Being called a "Rainbow- filled with promise"
4. When David bought TP and I ice cream last night at Cold Stone (mmmm... Peanutbutter Cup Perfection...)
5. When 3 boys gathered into my room to watch the Olympics (because that's the only room that has a TV in our apt.- don't worry, TP was there)
6. Walking to class in glorious, bright blue sky weather that is OVER 30 degrees!
7. Making & frosting cookies, mmmm
8. Getting a plate of Valentine's Day cookies from my sister
9. Completing 3 self portraits in 45 minutes
10. Doing something for Tammy and getting paid in Starbursts and Wintergreens

Have fun. I love you all.



Heather said...

T- What a great week! Thats a hard list to decide...but I'd have to go with 6. Nothing is better than a glorious, bright blue sky day. EXCEPT one that is 50 degrees!!!

thedoorsopen said...

3. Being called a "Rainbow- filled with promise"

My close secound was Heathers pick, but since it was only above 30 I went the way I did.

3rd pick (although not asked I know) would be the website.
It all sounds pretty joyous to me (except the boys and Olympics... I kinda do that whenever...)

thedoorsopen said...

okay and I like the "filled with promise" part, not being called a rainbow! whew

Luke said...

I'm with Heather on this one. Der' ain't much better'n'at. I vote 6.

JakeGman said...

I am going to have to go with #1!! tough.. amongst the choices but there is nothing like lots of SLEEP! I don't think I got 12 hours, but I did take a wonderful nap sunday afternoon and Luke was on the couch taking a nap as well! :)

Peace <><

taryn said...

H and Luke- No joke, it's seriously 60 degrees in Normal right now, minus the bright blue sky and sun. But hey, it's a fair trade-off... I haven't felt it this warm in FOREVER.

It's suppossed to be in the 20's tomorrow.

krisT said...

I'd say #3

Kristi said...

The Olympics... not the three boys part...well...haha just kidding. I just love the Olympics. Curling... what is that?!?! Ok I'm done rambling... The Olympics wins!!