Friday, November 25, 2005

Stuff that wastes my time (but I love it!)

First off... I found this picture on my friend's website and it cracked me up. Good thing I still don't watch Sesame Street or else I would be crushed.

Secondly, I will own up to the fact that surveys are for the most part... stupid, juvenille, and shallow, but I found this on my friend's site and I broke down. I haven't done one of these since I was probably a sophomore in High School, so here goes...

Favorite Animal & why:Cats because they are playful but don't bark and smell and sniff
Favorite fruit & why:Strawberries because they are delicious
#1 guilty pleasure:Eating late at night
Favorite Bible verse:Genesis 1:1, where would we be without that one?
What is your biggest pet peeve?Slow walkers
Favorite meal:There's a few: sloppy joes, chicken enchiladas, bacon cheeseburgers...mmm
First thought when you wake up:I won't fail if I skip that class or "GO AWAY," depending on if anyone is there or not
First thought before you drift off to sleep at night:All I know is that I'm usually hugging a pillow
First thought when someone ate the last bowl of your favorite cereal:They better buy me another box
Favorite day:Fridays. Bright, blue sky sunny ones.
Person you would take to go ice skating:Tracy
Person you could stay up all night with:Heather
Person you would go on a road trip with (4 hours )Laura
Person you can always joke around with:Kristi
Favorite candy:Reese's Peanutbutter Cups
Birthday & favorite birthday memory:January 2, going to Chuck E Cheese with Abi when I was 5
Best vacation spot:Arizona, they have everything there
Favorite cartoon character:Garfield
Favorite school teacher:Miss Tinnes
Pepsi or Coke?Pepsi in the can, Coke from the fountain or glass bottle
Grape or Cherry?Cherry
Dairy Queen or 31 Flavors?DQ, I have to be faithful
Cinnamon or mint?Mint
Oreos or EL Fudge?That's tough... depends on if they're double stuff or not
Crest or Colgate?Crest
Owl or early bird?Owl
Beach or slopes?Beach for sure
Pepperoni or sausage?Pepperoni
If you could ask God one question, what would it be?What is your favorite verse in the Bible?


I love you all!



jOeL said...

I think your life would be complete if you stayed up late and ate bacon cheeseburgers, double stuffed oreos, and cherry DQ, while petting a cat, drinking coke from a bottle, watching Garfield, all while reading Genesis 1:1. Or not.

taryn said...

Joel, I think so, too.

I know someone who's life would be complete if he would just try mint Oreos. I won't say names...


Stephanie said...

That picture CRACKED ME UP! lol

jOeL said...

Mint oreos? That is like chicken flavored gum drops. It just ruins the flavor.

Luke said...

I bet that person you're talking about still refuses to try them.

taryn said...

Joel- Have you ever tried chicken flavor gum drops? Because they are amazing. As are mint oreos.

Luke- Well, if he keeps refusing, some day I am going to swap his regular oreos for mint ones, but first I'm going to paint the green frosting white so he doesn't find me out...

krisT said...

I enjoyed your lil survey T.. Oh by the way, I have a new blog..again.. :D

Heather said...

KRISTINA!! I tried to post this comment on your blog, but it won't let me. Since I know you'll prob read T's, I thought I'd post it here.

Kristi, girl! I can not keep track of you!! Is this going to be your blog from now on?? I tried access your previous one and it wouldn't let me. "This is strange", I thought. And now I know why! You have a NEW one!! Hopefully your planning on staying here a while so I know where to find you!

We REALLY need to get together sometime! It's been FOREVER! and that is NO exageration!

I really like the new and FINAL blog!! Good post too. Your openness and honesty in your posts make them so much more real. Thanks for being willing to share your heart!

Love ya!

oh, and T, I love you too!

taryn said...

When you say, "We need to get together," I hope you mean we as in "Taryn, Kristi, and Heather."

I mean, it's been at least a month since our last girl's night out, and it's long overdue! Texas Roadhouse was fun, but my happy feelings from that night are slowly fading away, and I'd like to create some new ones.

So where is our next restaurant of choice? Please, somwhere equally fattening where we can all order huge meals again! Let's go to Chile's and split the fajitas, and then get the chocolate molten cake for dessert. Mmmmm, I'm hungry.

I love you both, and Kristi, I hope you blog stays permanent this time! You need someone on blog patrol to keep watch over your deleting habits!