Monday, November 07, 2005


Don't worry... I only have 18% battery left on my laptop so my post can't be THAT long because I'm too lazy to go find the power cord. Although, my post material is going to be pretty rich, so I don't know... I may just have to go find it.

This post is dedicated to one of my lifelong best friends. Her name is Heather.

I always knew Heather existed, but we weren't close friends until a couple of years ago. Do you ever just happen upon a person in life who seems to share the same values, beliefs, ideals, and opinions as yourself? You have a conversation with the person, and you're like, "YEAH!" because you are seemingly always on the same page?

That's how I first got to know Heather. We would sit in my driveway after she was dropping me off from something or at a young group event and just talk for hours, sharing our views on life and our stories (because we've always had the same close group of friends). It started there, and has continued to grow into a great frinedship ever since.

God has really blessed me with her, because she has been there in the past couple of years through thick and thin, dark and light, cloudy and sun, tears and laughter, fruit and chocolate. She's been there through it all, and I think I probably owe her some money by now if we ever counted the many hours she has sat and listened to me ramble on about my life and what I think or what I do. I love the quote, "A true friend is someone who knows everything about you... and still loves you." Other than Laura Braker, I think she is the only other friend who fits that quote perfectly. She knows all of my flaws and imperfections, but instead of loving me in spite of them, she learns to love me for them.

If I want it straight-up, honest, and real, I go to Heather. If I need to know if ths skirt on sale at Gap is ugly and that is why no one has bought it, I go to Heather (although even if she said it was ugly, I'd probably still buy it if I liked it enough. I've been told I can I can get away with a lot because my taste is.... well, unique). If I want to sit around some night and do nothing other than talk and eat junk food until 2 a.m., I go to Heather. If I want to have e-mail marathons and 2 hour long phone conversations, I go to Heather. If I want to laugh my head off or bawl my eyes out, I go to Heather. If I want to share a really rich chocolate dessert and expect for there to be enough for the both of us to be satisified... I order 2 desserts (like tonight at Applebee's :-)

Anyway, the bottom line is that Heather is an excellent friend, and I thank God that she is in my life! If you're not convinced, here are 10 reasons how I know she is a quality friend:

1. She sleeps in the same bed as me... and ENJOYS it! (now... THAT is a feat)
2. She has chauffeured me around many years with a happy heart (even though I have never ceased to spill food in her car)
3. She is capable of being the lead role in my future dramatic novel
4. She is willing to try anything with me- like golfing, fishing, and climbing mountains (*wink wink*)
5. She understands the importance of stopping the car immediately if there is a gorgeous sky or awesome view, because a picture must be taken
6. She's a great date at a fancy steak restaurant (another *wink wink*... H, remember my Uncle Ducky?)
7. She buys me random food items, such as giant peanut butter cups loaded with tons of candy on them
8. She can always manage to make me smile for some reason or another
9. Her wit is unmistakable and indispensable
10. She is a woman of God who shines Jesus everywhere she goes
10. She has beautiful blue eyes
10. She is my friend (which says a lot with how much she is willing to put up with :-)

The joy of Jesus is reflected in her life by what she does, and the sparkle in her eyes speaks of the love she has for Christ.

Vote for Heather!

Ok, that was random but I felt like this post was a campaign for her or something.

2% battery left. Sorry, H. Time has run out...

I love you all, and H too!



jOeL said...

Wow that was short. You should of gotten up and written another six pages or so. :) I don't know "H" but she must be cool to get this kind of recognition on your blog.

Heather said...

T- I don't know what to say! I am humbled. Everything you said about me, is exACTLY how I feel about you!!

I know that I am far from a perfect friend (I have some emails and IM convos to prove it) but just like your quote said, "A true friend is someone who knows everything about you... and still loves you"!

I love you, T. Thank YOU for being a wonderful friend.

Kristi said...

Awww, how sweet. I love Heather too.

Luke said...

Wow, after that post, we should all love Heather! :)

*breaks into song*
There are friendships that we cherish, in our daily walk of life...
*done singing*

krisT said...

That's the sweetest post I think I've ever read..

Heather said...

Joel- yes, I am cool.

Kristi- Awww, I love you too.

Luke- ..."we SHOULD all love Heather." "SHOULD"!?!?
and please- warn us before more spontaneous bursts of singing.

Kristina- yes, I DO have the sweetest friend ever!!

Luke said...

Heather: Well when I'm writing a comment on a blog which the whole entire world could read...I'm a little hesitant to say we all do love Heather.

Luke said...

'cause there might be some messed up guy in Nicaragua who doesn't...or something...

taryn said...

NOW... just because I wrote a really nice post about you, it doesn't mean that the whole world suddenly LOVES you. Although, I agree that they SHOULD. I mean, come on. It's HEATHER!

Luke, forgive my friend. She gets a little feisty some days.


Heather said...

Luke- so now you have something against Nicaraguans?

T- :-)

taryn said...

Point proven.