Wednesday, November 02, 2005

60 Things That Make Me Smile

Note: H, I know I'm "copying" your recent idea for a blog post, but I'm sitting here at work really bored and this struck my fancy.

1. Jesus
2. playing the piano
3. the color pink
4. chocolate
5. Reese's Peanubutter Cup flavored chap stick
6. my dad
7. Belle, my cat
8. Ollie's mischeivous looks
9. watching Roseanne with Kristi
10. sharing Toll House chocolate chip pie with Laura at ICC
11. talking to Heather on IM when we're both in the same room
12. playing ping pong with doubles
13. Tuesday night volley ball
14. shopping with my mom
15. girls' night outs
16. James 1, Psalm 37:4, 1 Cor. 10:13 and Rom. 1:16
17. singing "Once Again" while Timmy S. is playing the guitar AND "God's gonna move this pla-a-a-ace"
18. Tracy's dance moves
19. Tricia's "funny stories"
20. Tammy's cooking
21. classical music
22. CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! (until I'm sick of it mid-December because they overplay it on the radio)
23. arm wrestling (even if I lose... it's good arm exercise)
24. taking pictures of flowers
25. complimenting someone else
26. eating (especially if it has been over 2 hours)
27. answered prayer
28. a newborn baby
29. taking a bubble bath (like, once a year)
30. roller blading with Laura
31. long, dramatic talks with H
32. running (some days)
33. making charts for Kelso
34. the sun shine (bright blue-sky days with the sun shining and every color radiated in its brightness is SURE to make my smile)
35. Tasha's beautiful singing voice
36. playing Mario Kart with Jordan (and beating him in Koopa Troopa...sometimes)
37. 24/7 with Taryn and Kelly, Taykell Productions, Francium and Germania, Kadesh and Peterson...
38. my mom's good advice
39. my dad's wisdom and knowledge (about pretty much everything), and his unexpected with and humor
40. Tonya's artistic abilities
41. Tate's retardedness (and his genuis ability with PC's... even though I use a Mac)
42. Tom's unpredictability
43. Brad's sarcasm
44. my Powerbook
45. debating about why Macs are better than Pcs
46. talking Macs with Joel
47. Melissa's energy
48. if you smile at me
49. if you make fun of me
50. Starbucks mocha frappucino
51. playing Nerds (card game) with my mom, Kris, and Emma
52. throwing a football
53. smoking the Harbinger (don't ask)
54. inspirational movies, as well as chick flicks
55. Coco-Chanel and Bailey
56. Cereal- depends on my obsession at the time but it is currently Cocoa Krispies
57. Orville Reindenbacher's TENDER WHITE popcorn (if you have never tried this, you must) and of course, my dad's amazing popcorn
58. my family
59. Naomi's agility (and her obvious perception that I am the best aunt ever because I always feed her)
60. writing (Some day, I will publish a novel. I know it.)

So... last night was one of the funnest nights I've had in awhile (before the grammar police correct me (wait, I'M the grammar police :-), I realize "funnest" is not a word). I came home from a semi-long day of school... after presenting my silent movie in my last class that actually went pretty well. I wish I would have been more creative and had more time to work on it, but I'm just glad it's done. I'll post it soon so you can see it if you want. Anyway, Tammy made supper, and then Eric had called because we were going to get some people together to go to Starbucks. Well, I went to two apartments full of girls at the Crossings and called the dorm girls, and NO ONE could come! One girl said she would, but she didn't end up showing up until later... so consequently, it was me and 5 guys at Starbucks, but it was super-fun! I love Starbucks frappucinos. I then got home and Tracy, Tammy and I had an "exercise session" in the kitchen. It was great! I then practiced my piano (on Trisha's little keyboard) and then Katelyn came over and we went to the Big Blue House and played ping pong doubles. Yes. I forgot how much I love ping pong. I could play it for hours.

Anyway. Now you all know what makes me smile... I've given you 60 options to work with, so if you've ever made me REALLY mad, you know how to cheer me up.

Love you all!



krisT said...

T~ I thought I'd keep track of how many times you mentioned the word chocolate, but I lost track. Anyway, thanks for sharing what makes ya smile.

Luke said...

*taking notes*

Erin said...

I will call you by your full beautiful name, because it includes the other most beautiful name in it. Erin! Just spelled Aryn. So this is the firt time I read your blog and I truly appreciated. I read the two most recent. I will pray that prayerm and I will do glorious and marvelous things for my Father. For that is what He ultimately desires from us! Have a great weel and SMILE! Love ya, Erin Mae

Heather said...

T- as I was driving to work this morning I thought, "hmmm, I should add 'blue-sky day' to my list". It made ME smile to see that you had it on your's!!
I love you, babe! YOU make me smile!


Spud said...

You told me not to ask but I'm gonna anywho. What is smokin' the "Harbinger"?

taryn said...

Kristi- yes, that was probably an impossible task.

Luke- I would type those notes up, print them off, laminate, and stick them in a file someplace safe.

Erin- yay! Thanks for visiting! Keep coming back...I must agree that we both have the best names ever.

H- smile.

Spud- I'll tell you what it means if you tell me who you are.

Heather said...

mmMmmmm...the "Harbinger"

good memory :-)

Stephanie said...

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Makes me smile, that's for sure! I don't know many of the people that you mentioned in your list, but it sounds like you really cherish your family and friends.

...And by the way... I think I would lose it if Starbucks just decided to go out of business. I would be lost. I get some of my best studying done there. Love that place.