Monday, November 14, 2005

I Love what I Love to do (and God, too)

I love 2 Peas in a Palette.

I'm not just saying that because I am Pea #1 and it would be unloyal of me not to. I'm not just saying that because that is the business I am associated with and I feel it is my duty to make such proclamations. I'm not just saying that because it flows good together.

I'm saying it because I DO! I sent Kristi, my trusty business partner (Pea #2) a text this weekend that said, "I love our business." She was baffled and confused at my statement... I'm not quite sure why, because isn't it good that I love it?

I love what I do. I love designing and creating... some days, it's a real pain, and it takes huge amounts of patience, time, and ideas, as well as requiring an open mind, but it is fun. Not only do I love "graphic" designing, but I love multimedia design. My favorite is to put music with pictures and video. Have you ever tried watching a movie on mute? The music adds such an emotional impact and emphasis. I love the effect it has when you find the perfect music to go with a certain set of pictures and video... it is amazing and exciting at the same time.

I also love photography. What inspires me the most is human emotion- particularly in children. I count my neices and nephews a blessing (for many reasons but also) in that they have been a real great source of this "human emotion" that I am trying to capture in photographs. Currently, my favorite subject is Ollie. He is the easiest to work with, and is willing to let me take endless shots of him being a little boy.

Ever since I have found myself pursuing these interests, I see my life in terms of pictures and movies. (Kristi- you were telling me about this in church today and I wanted to expound but never did). Kristi, as a photographer, does this too, but you start to see every event in life in terms of "the perfect shot." A certain view or perspective or person becomes an excitement, because you can see how it would make a great picture if only you had a camera nearby. Or... a certain experience or song or conversation becomes the perfect material for a video... every time I hear a song, it automatically gets translated to video in my head. Weird, huh?

Anyway... my only other passion in life is writing, and PLEASE don't get me started on that. Writing to me is like therapy. It always stems from inspiration but is often inspiration in itself. Many of life's experiences and stories get the wheels turning in my brain, and they somehow formulate a story that pour out of my fingers onto a keyboard without any former plans. Seriously. Some days, if the inspiration is there and I have even just a topic of what I want to write about, a story will magically evolve when I sit and type... a scene will be set, characters will come to life, and a story will be told. How this happens, I have no clue. I just know it's a God-given talent that I hope to use in the most effective ways possible to keep building His kingdom and not my own!

I am very thankful that I really enjoy what I do... and that I know what it is that I WANT to do. It never ceases to amaze me how much God has blessed me with this knowledge... now I just need to make sure and use it for His glory!

This weekend was a good "business" weekend, hence my initial topic being one of appreciation towards the word in quotes. Kristi and I both (Kristi especially) got a lot of Christmas cards and other business-related design done, as I always try to take advantage of being in town to show my client's the work I've done for them.

Well, Kristi just left about a half hour ago... she misses me terribly ever since I've moved away and since she hasn't come to visit me in over 2 weeks, it looks like the only time we get to be together is when I'm in Morton. Sad. Ha... I'm just giving her a hard time... she's coming to visit me this Thurs. night, so that should be fun. We actually both worked on homework projects tonight and had fun hanging out.

Well, it's 12:30, so my computer just announced to me (yes, it talks, I have this little voice activation that tell me what time it is every half hour) so that means time for bed so I can get my 7 hours in tonight.

I love you all!


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Kristi said...

I love our business too!!! And I was baffled at the text message because it was such a random comment. I have never doubted your love of our business. :) It is crazy how everything now is the perfect shot. And every time I see something adorable, or something to fit that perfect shot, I'm mad that I don't have my camera. I guess we're just crazy like that together because I don't know how many other people view life as a movie or the perfect shot. I guess you can still be Pea #1. You kind of just gave yourself that number one position. It should have been voted on or something. I think Pea #2 should have had a say in that. Oh well, I like being Pea #2. I like the number two and remember that old saying, first is the worst, second is the best. I can just go back to second grade and make myself feel better. hahaha First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one in the polka dot dress. hahaha. So if we hire anyone when we're rich and famous, they will have to be Pea #3 and they will have to wear a polka dot dress. Hilarious. "That's so silly" You went back to second grade for that quote too I Think. Well, this is an extremely long comment. Longer then I have ever left because I don't ususally write this much. I just felt inspired to write lots like you. I just want to be like you Taryn.