Sunday, October 09, 2005


Wow! This weekend was busy.

Friday night, I went to Jr. High girl's/boy's camp at Lake Bloomington. I was a counselor! It was my first camp being a counselor, and I loved it! I had a REALLY great cabin of girls. They were all so fun... I had Brooke Monfre's little sister, Kaitlyn, who I loved already, and a few girls from Morton that I knew, and a couple of other great girls. Lindsey Yackley was my co-counselor. It was fun!

We had 2 great speakers this weekend. Matt Kaufmann talked about "Purity" on Friday night. Most girls that I talked to said they were sitting there with their mouths open and eyes glued to him the whole throughout his talk. He did GREAT! He even brought tears to my eyes at one point. He made a good point regarding girls and how they dress... encouraging us not to "give our bodies away." So true! He also spoke about how when he got married, he received a locket from his father-in-law that his wife had given her dad. The locket symbolized her heart, and she told her dad to keep it and to make sure it was guarded and not given away to anyone else until the day she got married. Touching! He witnessed about how that was so special and amazing to know that he was getting her WHOLE heart. He encouraged us to treat anyone from the opposite sex as if they were someone else's future mate... which they are.

On Saturday, Chad Hermann talked about seeking God. He illustrated this wth some great visual examples and props with 3 steps: Seek God... Know God.....Do it. Find Him, establish that relationship, and live it. His talk was very interactive and encouraging.

Overall, camp was very fun and an awesome experience... so if it was for me, a counselor, I'm sure the campers had an amazing time! It seemed that way.

After camp, I traveled to Taylor to hear the testimonies of Wes and Shane on Saturday night.

You know, I hate to admit this, but I'm going to. I always seem to have a bad attitude about testimonies. I think it is because once I'm there and I listen to the miraculous story about how a soul has come to know Jesus and has given Him their whole life, and how they have finally attained that AMAZING peace... I sit and wonder why I wasn't more excited to come! Once I'm there, I'm captivated. It's just keeping that attitude in check before I actually get there. I think it's so important to pray for those giving testimonies... it is the most important story one could share with a group of believers, and it is a time to let that soul be completely humble before God and let the Spirit talk. And when that happens, it is truly phenomenal.

I got to hear TWO TRULY PHENOMENAL stories Saturday night. After each one, when the congregation would arise in standing support, elder Bro. Kent Heimer would request to the boy sitting in the front, "Stand up, and turn around. He will come. He will. Satan will tempt you. But when he does, you just remind him of this night when all of these people stood for you."

If that doesn't bring tears to your eyes, I don't know what will. For those of us who have been through testimonies in our church, we know how special that standing of support is. It causes me to think of something so much greater- which is the support that I have from Jesus Christ himself... are we standing up for Jesus?

Testimonies are so encouraging. Baptisms are, too. The public testimony of a soul's changed life is... it's unexplainable. Do you know why? It is because it is a symbol of THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION ANYONE CAN MAKE. One thing Chad Hermann said in his talk that I failed to mention earlier is that we were created for a purpose. If we are not living up to that purpose, why are we here? We were created to seek and glorify God. That is why we are here. PERIOD. Chad voiced with compassion, "It is NEVER to early to give your life to Jesus." You ask anyone you know who is a believer, and I hopefully doubt they will not regret how early they come to know Christ.

What an amazing weekend! Busy, but fun. And well-worth the busy-ness.

I saw a bunch of old "ICC" people in Taylor, and it was so good to have a miniature "reunion." I still say the ol' ICC group needs to have a real reunion. A lot of times in life, we don't realize how good we had something until it's not there anymore. I'd like to say that about our ICC YG. It was a huge blessing- the group we had. What a beautiful group of people.

Alright. I need to keep moving. I've had one of those super-productive evenings. Ever have those? I don't know what causes them, but it is like a mode I get into. Since I got home this evening, I have unpacked, showered, cleaned my bathroom and bedroom, started some loads of wash, eaten pizza with Trish and Tammy, talked to my mom on the phone, finished up Kristi and I's business Christmas card, talked to my sister about it, and am now posting about it. Figures.

I plan on posting our Christmas card once it is finalized. Be looking for it in the next couple of days... I want it there as an advertisement so if you know of anyone who wants/needs a Christmas card designed, direct them towards this site or give them our e-mail! Thanks!

T aka Pea #1


Kristi said...

"He encouraged us to treat anyone from the opposite sex as if they were someone else's future mate... which they are."

I really liked this line because it really hit home about how I have kind of been feeling lately. Sometimes I think boys forget that (I know girls do too, but I think boys do more). I think boys feel as if they can just touch you when ever they want and say whatever they want to you and THEY CAN'T. It can really make a girl upset. Sometimes an innocent touch on the hand can really upset a girl. I don't know, just a thought. Thanks Taryn for the great post. I really enjoyed it and you didn't even realize it was aimed at me. ;)

Luke said...

T: Sounds like camp was great! Praise God for those of you who volunteered your time and effort to organize it and help it work.

Kristi: Thanks for the great reminder. It's hard to remember sometimes that not everyone is "just like us". We tend to think that if it doesn't bother us, it shouldn't bother anyone else, and that's often not the case.

Jenny said...

I read a book once that really emphasized Proverbs 31:11&12;
11 The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.
12 She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

ALL the days of her life. Not just after you're engaged, or after you've been married awhile- your whole life!

Thanks for the reminder Taryn!

krisT said...

K~ I really enjoyed your comment. I really liked your qoute. Gives everyone something to keep in mind.

T~ I wish I would've went to the baptisms but I feel like I was there thanks to your post. You did bring tears to my eyes. Whenever I feel Satan's hot breath on my neck, I close my eyes and picture everyone standing up for me. That was such an incredible feeling! Thanks again for your always encouraging posts!

Gab said...

yeah just an AMEN for the amazing group at ICC last year... they were the bomb and I def. second you on the "official" ICC reunion. Seriously, i mean i guess 3/4 of you are at ISU, but still... it would be fun. Good to see you at Taylor- don't forget about College weekend! It's gonna be a good one!!!

tami said...

camp really was great. i thought matt did an incredible job...i couldn't be there for chad's but i heard he was phenomenal as well!
i had a great time in taylor too! it's always so exciting to hear how God changes lives and how He is so actively involved in hearts even when we don't have a clue.
thanks for the post!