Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tracy Part II

This is the continuation, or, PART II, of my previous post entitled "Tracy."

She thinks that she looks like a sheperd boy.

She also enjoys the word, "mother board."

She believes that she resembles a turtle.

She has a long neck.

She is morphing into an animal...oh no!

Her favorite food is "everything."

Her secret dream is to run away and become a professional surfer, "even though I've only done it once," she says.

And to top it all off, she has a killer serve in volley ball.

Comment if you love Tracy.

I love you all, and Tracy too.



Luke said...

True story on the killer serve thing. "Re-serve"...sheesh...who ever heard of that?

Stephanie said...

Umm... I'd be sad if my friends called me a turtle...

Tracy said...

i love myself

Tracy said...

Just kidding.

Taryn, thanks again for the publicity and exploitation of my life. I relish in the attention.

Luke, yes, a re-serve. It is proper etiquette to let a new-comer redeem themselves from a bad first volleyball impression. I had a lot of fun. Too bad my first time playing was also the last time....

Gab said...

i love tracy.... taryn you need more tributes to her... ppl just don't understand what an amazing woman tracy is. nice touch.

taryn said...

Luke: Although Tracy IS a killer server, I do agree with her "proper etiquette" statement. Just because she is good doesn't mean she doesn't get treated nicely for being new (although I never recall getting any "re-serves" and I wasn't even good!)

Steph: Actually, Tracy helped me write this post and she is the one who thinks she looks like a turtle. (She really doesn't, she is much cuter than a turtle.)

Tracy: I am glad you love yourself and I love you too... again, YOU'RE WELCOME for the exploitation. This is what you get for not having a blog.

Gab: I agree. Stay tuned for Tracy, Part III, coming to T's Blog sometime this December.

Katelyn said...

Tracy is my favorite Tracy. But I don't think her life should be exploited- especially since she really is a surfer- I should know because my secret dream is to live in Hawaii, and become a professional surfer. And maybe marry Kalani Robb. And I've only done it once too. In Florida.