Monday, October 17, 2005

Scaredy Cat

So I was cleaning in my basement tonight and I was just finishing with the sweeping. I look over to make sure the carpet looks immaculate and what do I see? A ginormous spider sitting in the center of the room. You probably would have laughed if you had seen my reaction. I made a face and backed away, grabbing the sweeper and running the opposite direction. Thank goodness there are 2 ways to get upstairs from our basement.

I delivered the sweeper to the front hallway, and ran around to the other basement entrance where I found my dad heading downstairs.

"Dad!" I exclaim.


"Is that a spider?" I ask icredulously, pointing wildly at the black creature that is still motionless in the middle of the room.

My dad walks up to the massive insect, inspects it a little closer, and says, "Yeah," as he stomps on it with his shoe.

"Argh! Dad, HOW do you do that?" I ask, running up the stairs and cringing inside, still feeling queazy.

Then, I thought about my dad's reaction, and I started laughing. He is so funny some days.

Anyway, I don't know WHAT it is about spiders, but I DON'T like them. I just can't deal with them. Seriously. I don't know if it's their little crawly legs, or their evil connotation, or their quick movements, but when there's a spider, there's a scream (from me). They freak me out.

So, I was inpsired to write a "What Scares Me" list.

1. Spiders

2. Chocolate shortage (not likely, but what if there really was?)

3. Really HOT stuff (I used to be scared to get things out of the oven. That fear has subsided and I can now successfully take brownies and cookies out of hte oven without cringing, but I'm still careful. Also- if you are extremely good-looking, take note of this #3 fear :-) Only kidding...

4. Haunted houses (ok, so I've never been in a REAL one, but I'm pretty sure they'd scare me)

5. Speed (and the lack of control that comes with speed. I don't like going really fast on anything- cars, amusement park rides, whatever. I know it is invigorating to some, but it just plain scares me, especially when I have NO control.)

6. High places (although I can ride the ferris wheel. But get me up really high and tell me to look down, and I doubt I'll be too thrilled about it. Hey Heather- remember when we tried to climb that mountain in AZ? I felt like if I went up any higher, I would fall down the mountain and die.)

7. Hell (thankfully, it doesn't scare me personally anymore, but it did enough at one time to make note of it as a major fear. If it is a fear in your heart- there is a way to change that! Repent and take advantage of the shed blood of Christ!)

8. Rejection (Who doesn't want to be accepted and embraced? A big fear to overcome is insecurity itself. Once we have our security where it should be- Christ- this fear should vanish. I had to make note of it, though, because I know it's one we probably all struggle with.)

9. Bees (When I was little, I got stung direclty under my eye. Ever since, bees scare me... I will usually make a point to escape the area they are around.)

10. Evil (Essentially, our corrupt world. I look around and I am, quite frankly, disgusted with the world and it's ways. I suppose my fear doesn't lie in evil itself, but in what will come of evil people and their lives. It's a scary thought. What am I doing to shine a different lifestyle and counteract those wicked ways?)

What scares you?

Psalm 34:4-I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.

I love you all!



krisT said...

T~ I pray for your sake that there is never a chocolate shortage. I honestly would hate to see what you're like without some sort of chocolate residue running in yer veins.. Your "really hot stuff" explanation cracked me up.. Thanks for starting my day off to a good start!

Luke said...

1. Taryn not blogging anymore. Ok..not really, but I'm glad you do.

2. Thinking about one of my nieces or nephews dying without Christ.

3. Speed I can't control. I love speed if I can control it myself, but if it's a roller coaster, or someone elses driving...yeah...makes me nervous.

4. I can't really think of anything else.

Challenge for this post:

1Jo 4:18
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

Stephanie said...

How funny you should ask this question: we were just talking about this in our Y.A. Sunday School class:

Okay! Here goes (Luke already knows my biggest one)

1. Death (silly considering what I believe in, I know, but I'm working on it)

2. Speed if I don't control it (I always have to drive or I get insanely nervous. Funny side note: I make everyone nervous when they ride with me. Go figure.) Although roller coaster rides only make me mildly nervous. I still enjoy them.

3. Centipedes. You might as well just shoot me in the foot. I'd probably deal with that better.

4. Heights. Yet I love hiking: I too, hiked in AZ a few times Taryn... LOVE the views.

5. Evil - with you on that one, sister. Yuck-o! I'm very sensitive to all things spiritual too, so I'm very easily creeped out by stuff like that!

6. Finding the wrong mate.

By the way: Just about fell out of my chair when I read that you fear a chocolate shortage!? lol!!!

P.S.S.S. (This is beginning to be a novel! lol) Check out your previous post for a comment that I left for you.

krisT said...

1. Not seeing parents/loved ones in Heaven.

2. Losing chapstick, seriously I have a tube in my pocket, car, purse, by my computer, etc.. I literally FREAK out if I don't have one.

3. Bridges ~ I don't like driving across them. I have a fear that the bridge I'm traveling on will collapse and I have to put my "escape" plan in action.. I think about it all the time, to have the windows rolled down a lil bit.

4. It's scares me to see how the world will be when I have kids and what they have to grow up in. It just gets worse and worse. *evil*

5. One of the biggest things that scare me is my family, friends and loved ones not knowing how much I love them and how much they mean to me..

T~ are you going to the Punkin Chuckin' thing this weekend?

natz said...

1. Not seeing my loved ones in heaven

2. Being deceived

3. Mice

4. Snakes

5. Losing someone close to me

Willhelm said...

1. People coming out of nowhere to leave comments on my blog.

2. Myself.

3. Trying to interact with other people.

4. Trying to interact with other wallabies.

5. Trying to hold a conversation with an empty box.

6. Trying to hold a conversation with a full box.

7. Being told that I must fit myself into a full box or my ecosystem will be destroyed.

8. Being told that I must destroy my box into a full conversation or my system of doom will hasten to ecologize me.

9. People, books, and songs that spit out words without saying anything, and not caring because it sounds cool.

10. Pop culture's effect on our nation, including you and me personally.

sarah said...

1. Snakes- I can handle most any kind of bug but snakes seriously creep me out.
2. Fear of someday having to raise kids in this world.
3. Fear of one of my boys in Haiti either starving to death or getting killed or hurt severely in one of those riots down there.
4. People not liking me.
5. Raises are coming up- fear of my evalutation being bad and I don't get squat. (I don't get squat if it's good, let alone if it's bad.)

dona said...

1. anyone in my family dying without Christ
2. spiders
3. spiders
4. spiders
5. Not getting a job when I graduate

Spud said...

1. Potato Peelers.

2. Barbie.

3. Balloons.

4. Ford Focus'.

5. Paper Clips.

6. Eskimos.

7. Dandruff.

8. Cafeteria food.

9. Paper cuts.

10. The Sphinx.

Kristi said...

hahahaha. wow. some of your people are realllly creative. it cracks me up. spud wins the contest for funniest comment.

krisT said...

T~ I didn't know I was one of "your people" or let alone that you had "people." Hmmmm.. Interesting..

taryn said...

Kristi- huh?

krisT said...

T~ Look at Kristi's comment, she said "your people" I was trying to make a joke but it didn't work out so much..

taryn said...

Ohhhh... I get it now. I knew it had to come from something but I was just confused.

*Taryn's Blonde Moment of the Day*


krisT said...

T~ check yer email!

Willhelm said...

I have flippers.

Ted said...

If you'd like to see a list of things that people are scared of, check out the Phobia List website: