Sunday, October 23, 2005

My Car has 9 Lives

I'll start on Friday.

The first part of it was pretty low key- I got up in the morning and got some stuff done, went to work until 3, and went back to my apartment to get my stuff together to head back to Morton. My cousin, Kelly, was visiting, so I waited around to talk to her for a little bit. She brought us all cookies in little ziploc baggies with our names on them, and she even gave me two cookies that had MORE chocolate chips than the others. What a cousin!

So, Tammy and I were leaving at the exact same time. I let her back out first, since I was changing my CD. I half-hazardly start to back out, going pretty slow, yet not looking... but not even to the point where I can look around the parked cars to even SEE if there are any cars coming.

Then, the back right part of my car gets struck and all I hear is a bunch of glass breaking.

I look back and see that a car has successfully run into mine, and I start to drive forward to get my poor car out of the way of the other. I get out, and of course, there are these two guys driving one huge BOAT of a car, probably made out of STEEL. The driver gets out and communicates his cluelessness to me as this is his, "first accident." Well, it was mine, too, but I knew enough to exchange information. About this time, Tammy has made her way back, and suggests that we call the police. I go to get my phone, and he got back in his car to get his.

Wait, no he didn't. He's driving off! No!

So I have no information on him. I'm pretty sure they live around me, though, and the fact that he ran at the message, "call the police," it made me think they were shady characters. Besides, the accident did NOTHING to his car, but check out the pictures below of the beloved Prism. It was crushed.

I'm pretty sure that it will be proclaimed, "my fault," because anyone driving in a street or parking lot has the right of way. I should have been looking. Considering I wasn't even to the point where I COULD look, anyway, and was already HIT... ok, those guys were driving pretty stinking fast to not have enough time to brake or swerve. But sitll. I take blame for this.

Anyway, the rest of my Friday was better. We had our "girls' night out" for my sister's (Tonya) birthday. My mom, 2 sisters and sister-in-law as well as my mom's first cousin and Erica Stoller, went to One World and then came back to our house and watched "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." That movie seriously makes me bawl every time I watch it. I don't know what it is, but it gets to me!

So... the rest of this weekend was the Morton Invite. Thanks to call who came! It was an aweomse turnout, and we got a lot done for the service projects! The turnout got even bigger in the evening, and we all got to hear a phenmonel message by Fred Witzig. Boy, is he on fire for Christ! I LOVE contagious enthusiasm.

I kept Elise Kaupp and Nicole Weigand- such sweet girls! We had fun... it's always fun keeping company.

Tonight is my nephew's (Domniq) 5th birthday party. I can't believe he is 5. I remember MY 5th birthday party- I got a bike. And I'm pretty sure I wanted a chocolate cake (surprise surprise). How time flies.

Dom is on the far right.

Wow, another semi-lame weekend report! Except the car part, and except for these next pictures that I am going to post. On Saturday morning, I was outside with my camera and I just went crazy. I can't help it- I see colorful flowers and I think they belong on my camera's memory card.

Another major highlight of my weekend was seeing my long-lost friend, Kristi, at church. Since she insists that I am no longer her friend and do not care about her, I'm going to prove that I do by posting a picture of her.

Remember that, Kristi? It's our SKIT GROUP! We should have gone to Hollywood with that preformance in Mexico.

I love you all!



jOeL said...

That was a really long post. I couldn't concentrate the whole time though because I was thinking of chocalate chip cookies. Yum Yum

Heather said...

T- sad about the car. you can't ever sell it. i will always think of that being "your car". maybe this just means that the beetle is one step closer!! :)

beautiful flower pictures. you need to come to the home and share your pictures with one of our residents. he LOVES taking pictures of flowers. he has some pretty good ones. i think you and him would be good friends.

Kristi- I LOVE YOU!! even if Taryn doesn't, i still and forver will!! i'm excited to come see you monday night!! i hope we can get in your section. we will def. request!

krisT said...

T~ Bummer about your car. I can't believe the guy took off, although I'm not surprised..

I had a BLAST Saturday night eventhough I was late. I really enjoyed the message. I had a good time at the bonefire and visiting with people I haven't seen for awhile.

I'm looking forward to TR tonight!! I'm trying my hardest not to drool.

taryn said...

Joel- I'm sorry. Next time my cousin brings me cookies, I'll ship a couple to you.

Heather- Yes, I will have to meet this resident. Him and I can discuss flower photography together. That's darling.

Kristi- I'm glad you came to the invite and I can't wait until tonight, either!

Stephanie said...

Taryn -

So sorry about your car. I can't believe he took off - that made me really mad for you!

You are quite talented in photography... is that a hobby of yours?

Shenna said...

Sorry about your car, what a bummer! At least you weren't hurt.

I can't believe the flowers are still in bloom by you. Most of our leaves have turned and fallen off, and the only flowers in bloom are mums. No fair!

taryn said...

Steph- yes, I LOVE photography. Obviously, my favorite subject to photograph is flowers. Next is people... preferrably my nieces and nephews :-) I'm a digital camera girl, though. Instant results!

Shenna- yes, there are still some beautiful flowers around here, but we have also had unusually warm weather up until a week ago. My mom has a huge garden in the back with tons of flowers, so it's perfect grounds for my photography sessions!

Kristi said...

Awwww... I feel so loved right now. Thanks Taryn.

Greg - Cowboy in the Jungle said...

Dang! Some one crunched you! Did you make it through the wreck ok? Sometimes dealing with the insurance people is th hardest part.

My wife and I have been living in Houston for 10 years now and have been the victim of 10 rearend collisions.

Anonymous said...

too bad about the car!! Great pics...truly a talent!!