Sunday, October 16, 2005

Typical Weekend Report

As usual, I should be curled up in my warm, soft, fluffy, purple sheets right now. But instead, I'm sitting here writing as if I have 0% to do tomorrow. Nothing could be further from the truth, yet I blog on.

Anyway, I was very blessed to be able to go to college weekend. And I bet I am going to be among the FIRST to post about it! I won't say too much, because I'd like to hear what others thought, too, without stealing all of the topics to write about. So I'm just going to say this general comment: Anyone present at college weekend was blessed to hear some phenomenal deliverers of the Word on the topic of relationships... regarding Christ, one another, our family, the opposite sex, and the unsaved.

I bowed out early and came home on Saturday night after the program. You know, there is something about sleeping in your own bed. My bed at home beats all. It is seriously the most comfortable bed you could ever sleep in. I sleep smack dab in the center of it with pillows surrounding me on all sides, directly under my fluffy comforter for warmth, with my fan spirring above me and my music in the background. Can you tell I'm tired?

Anyway, it was good to be in Morton today. It was kind of empty, but it was good, nonetheless. I had an eventful afternoon with my brother, trying to figure out how to make a carbon copy image of my hard drive onto his external hard drive. My apple mac's speakers stopped working a few weeks ago, and no longer can I plug anything into my head phones jack. I presume those two problems are related, and upon having an apple technician look at it in Bloomington, he said it appeared to be something internal so I have to send it into Apple to get it reparied. Thus- the hard drive being backed up. If they find anything wrong with my hard drive, they replace it. I hope that the problem is something completely not my fault so that they will fix it free of charge, due to my Apple Care Protection Plan... becasue otherwise, I will be a very sad girl with a mac that has no audio. Yet, when I get out the puzzle box of my life, I see that this small problem=a very small portion of my life on the puzzle box picture, so I'm going to try to avoid worrying about it too much. :-)

I had fun with my brother, even though we ran into some difficulty along the way. We eventually figured out the problem, though, and got everything to work. My brother and I always have to get past this initial state of annoyance/friction, and then we can have fun. That's when he starts finding it hilarious to hit me, call me names, and verbally express how dumb I am... yet, for some reason, it is in those times that we bond the most. The only reason I am at level 9 in martial arts is because of Tate. It is him you can thank when I fight off all the gangsters with my hands tied behind my back (because boy can I KICK, it MUST be a Morton thing!).

After that, Tate and Melissa took my parents and I to this pizza place in Pekin called Mickey's. It was REALLY good! I then went to Laura's house for Brooke's not-birthday-party (since she didn't want it to be officially for that), and hung out with a random but fun group of people there. I left there exhausted, and forced myself to practice the piano for an hour. Usually I'm too tired to care at night, but some nights, I am absolutely inspired to play. Tonight, thankfully, was one of those nights where I was focused. I am in private piano lessons this semester and suppossedly, I should be practicing 1 hour a day. I think I usually average about 1 hour a week, if I'm lucky. ;-) Somehow, I have fallen into the habit of doing what I used to do when I took piano lessons all those years: I would practice about 1/4 of the time I was suppossed to, and whether beacuse of luck or actual talent, my teacher doesn't know the difference unless I REALLY practice the amount of time I'm required, and then it's obvious that I am not putting in as much time as I could be. It hasn't happened yet for me to put in 7 hours a week, but I'm still learning a LOT and my professor is so inspiring and a great teacher!

Enough on piano... it's time for bed. Just thought I'd say "hi" to everyone and give one of those semi-boring weekend reviews sprinkled with lots of details and nothing overly exciting in particular. I would feel bad, but you guys all do it, too, every once in awhile. And if you're still reading, obviously you found some of it interesting. So THERE.

Night, I love you all!


p.s. Kristi U.- I thought of you when I added the colors. :-)


krisT said...

T~ I'm happy you had a great weekend! I thought about you while I was laid up this weekend. I wish I could've been there, but I rested and I feel tons better. I hope you have a good week and I'll see ya Thursday! The colors look GREAT!!

krisT said...

Do you think you could make me a copy of the handout??

taryn said...

Kristi- sure, but what handout? The general hand-out is just the booklet that lists the topics and speakers and has blank space to take notes.

We received a power point slide handout that is excellent for Ted Witzig, Jr.'s talk. Luke said he was going to post an outline of that, so you're going to want to check that out. If you want a hard copy, I can get my hands on one and give it to you at ISU Bible Study. Let me know.

krisT said...

If it's not too much trouble, could you please get me a hard copy of the handout? I would really appreciate it.. Thanks!

taryn said...

Sure. I'll bring it Thurs. night.

Luke said...

Tonight when I get home I'm going to be posting a file that you can print out of Ted's talk.

jOeL said...

I saw you at college weekend. Sorry I didn't get to say hi. I was the one in the khakis and blue shirt that sang with you guys because I didn't have a college.

jOeL said...

Ted's talk was amazing. I would post my thought here but I already did on my blog.

Stephanie said...

Okay Taryn:

I didn't even finish reading this post, because when I got to the part about how you sleep I busted out laughing and had to respond! My roommate just schooled me in the art of sleeping in the middle of one's own oversized-comfier-than-everyone-else's-bed, surrounded by pillows, and then *I* added the music to add my own little touch to things. Gotta tell ya', haven't slept better in YEARS. I always holed up on the one side of the bed, so close to the edge that I could have easily fallen over the side HUNDREDS of times! But now, I have been exposed to the art of bed-hogging, and I will never be the same!