Friday, September 09, 2005

T is where it's at

Here is the post everyone has been waiting for.... a review of the inhabitants at the T House.

I have now lived here (getting calendar out), let's see, about 3 weeks now. For those of you who are COMPLETELY out of the loop, my room mates are Tammy Sauder, Tricia Plattner, and Tracy Zimmerman. Although I may seem slightly biased, this next comment is 100% fact: I have the best room mates EVER.

Now... before I officially begin, let me just say this: Tracy, I know you are reading this post right now and that one day, you, too, will have a blog. Even though you think it's a waste of time now, you will change your mind. Just wait. (To everyone else: Please be on the look out for Tracy Zimmerman's future blog... the premier of this is TBA.)

If we were all characterized as family members in this apartment, I'd elect Tammy as the "mom," because she's so caring and thoughtful, and... domesticated. Tracy would be the "dad," because she's logical, real, and even knows a little about plumbing... and when things seems to fall apart, she's like "Guys, it's going to be ok." Trish and I are the kids. We're the care-free, easygoing girls who just go with the flow.

It is truly amazing how I feel like I can connect with each and every one of my room mates on a different level.

Tammy... her and I get along really well. At our best, we have had some REALLY awesome, powerful conversations! I love sharing with her what's going on in my life, and we always seem to have great, spiritually focused talks! Her love for the Lord is SO evident every day, and I love her for that. She always has a smile for you and is the first to ask how your day was. Tammy brightens our place up, that's for sure! She's my source of enthusiasm.

Tricia... her and I have already stayed up until 2 a.m. talking many-a-night. She is one of the best listeners I know. For someone like me... that can be both a good and bad thing, because sometimes I feel like I talk her ear off, but at the same time, the questions and words she has to offer are so perceptive and we agree on almost everything. Trish is very easygoing, like I said earlier, and her and I click there, too. It's refreshing to live with someone else like that. Her and I also have one of those problems where when we start laughing about something, it's kind of difficult to stop, even if what we were laughing at isn't even that funny.

Speaking of laughing... Tracy.... is really funny. I've always known Tracy because we've grown up in church together, but tonight we noted that only in the past year have we become close friends. She is the life of the party over at our place, always making us all laugh with her wit and endless stories. She offers a very rational perspective a lot of times, which I really appreciate about her. She's not afraid to speak up about what she thinks in boldness, which is amazing! You can tell she lives her life in accordance to the Word, and I respect her for that.

Every night around 11, Tammy will retire, but before she does she says, "Ok guys, you're not allowed to have any more fun." It's very sad because she has 8 a.m. classes every day, so she misses out on all the laughter between 11 p.m.-2 a.m. (depending on when Trish and I go to bed.)

Also, on Thursday nights, we've already made it tradition to have people over for supper. It's really fun! It's also fun on the nights when the T's eat together or just have time together and chat for an hour or so. Wow! God really has blessed me. Amazingly.

Alright! Well, now I'm in a good mood! You know, there really is a unique bond that is formed when you are room mates with someone. May that bond of Christian friendship and sisterhood endure long after we are all room mates...

I love you all! And I love my T's.



Luke said... might want to delete that first comment! lol
You can turn on that verifying thing like I've got where you have to type in the random letters to leave a comment.

So, about your post...back to my previous question...Who's your favorite!! ;) j/k

ts4christ said...

Mayeb sometime I should come out and hang out at the T-house. We could have Tea while wearing T-shirts and we could share our Testimonies. This is way to many T's. It is great to see what brings you all together is the Cross that Jesus Christ died on. That is a Testimony that we should all be Telling others about.

Keep it up T-house

Carrying my Cross Daily by His Grace,


Tracy said...

So yes, Taryn, here I am reading your blog. You know I can't stay away from your pontifications and wisdom. :) You are so right, our house is awesome and I can also say that I have the best roommates ever!! Since posting a comment on this blog is as close to blogging as I'll ever get. . . I must add my input about you, T.

You are funny, easygoing, lighthearted, and diligent. As we've discussed, maybe even a closet blonde. If I were to classify you, I would call you the "baby of the family". You're spoiled-just kidding-and always ready to go along with anything. You have a true servants heart, and I can see you excitement as your love for Christ grows more in knowledge and depth of insight. You are the artist of the "family" and will make it big as a creative genius. I love you, Taryn, and am blessed to have you as one of my awesome roommates.

Wow, maybe I should start a blog. . .

From the basement of the T-house,
a.k.a. "dad", the plumber, & life of the par-tay:)

p.s. Luke, if you read between the lines, you can clearly tell that I am her favorite!

sarah said...

You only THINK you have the best roommates but I beg to differ. Mine were the best even before they took me to Florida. Now they're really the best.

Luke said...


I'm really crappy at reading between the lines, so I'll just take your word for it and assume you're her favorite. :)

After all, if I had a plumber as a roommate, he would DEFINITELY be my favorite. :)