Friday, September 23, 2005

Random Fun, Priceless Moments

Ohhh, tonight was fun.

Guess what? For the first time in... um, EVER, we finally got a picture of all 4 T's!

After ISU Bible Study, we all (ok, basically I did) decided that we needed to do something wild and crazy. We never really accomplished that task, but we tried to. Tracy and I sang all the way home from BS in the front seat with the windows down. Then, a bunch of us girls ate about 3/4 a pan of banana cake... mmm... compliments of Stephanie Barth! the living room. Then, Trish and I went out to the open field by the interstate and ran around for awhile. Then, we watched some quick time movies and projects on my mac. Then, Trish, Tracy and I did a "Face Photo Shoot" where we each took turns describing an event, made a face to corresspondingly match that event, and took 25 shots that will be constructed onto a sheet with captions. Then, we added more quotes to our post-it wall (we make post-its of all the clever quotes we T's or guests come up with). Somewhere along the line, we also pushed the couch in front of the stairs, just to be random.

Random nights full of random actions = fun. Why? I have learned that the most random times are the most fun...they speak of memories that are unique and original. It brings forth the future ability to be like, "Remember that ONE time when we did THAT?" It is those priceless moments of genuine laughter that get locked in your heart forever.

Wow, that was really cheesy. I haven't had a cheesy, heart-felt, warm-fuzzy post in awhile, though, so it was called for. Right?

Onto other things...

I had this huge presentation on Tuesday that I spent ALL last weekend working on. It was an "artist story" which contained video clips from part of a video interview I did, digital images, and audio clips extracted from the interview and some Norah Jones song clips included. I was happy with how it turned out and my presentation went well, but it was one of those projects that stressed me out hugely and took a lot of time and thought. My artist was Vicki Taufer. I love her photography work, and if you go here
you can check out her photography.

I was happy to be able to attend the Pumpkin Festival last weekend. I went Friday night with some friends, and then Saturday night, a group that dressed and acts EXACTLY like the Beetles preformed in the food tent. They were AMAZING, they sounded just like the Beetles. Saturday morning, of course, was the parade. My grandma lives on Jefferson Street so we have always gone there and everyone brings food and we sit and watch the parade from her curb. It's fun to see all the little kids enjoy it. I remember when I was 5 years old, and I was the one sitting on the curb with my little bag, running out into the street to pick up candy and being overwhelmed by all the big, loud bands that marched by. Now, all my nephews and nieces are experiencing it. I feel so old.

Last night, I went home for church because I had a meeting after church in Morton. Then, my mom, sisters and I went to Ruby Tuesday's and got 2 of those giant chocolate tallcakes. Mmmm. It was good being home for a night and spending some time with my mom and sisters... it's so fun to get together with them and talk, uninterrupted by kids and the buzz of everyday life.

Tomorrow, I work from 12-3, and then beings my first official Friday night spent at my apartment. I usually always go home on Fridays, but since I leave for Taylor Saturday afternoon, it doesn't make sense to go home. I'm excited! I'm not quite sure what the plan is, but regardless, I'm sure we'll have fun...

I hope to see some of you in Taylor this weekend!

Love you all!


p.s. Tracy- we WILL have our late-night Krispe Kreme run. As soon as that banana cake is gone...


krisT said...

Those are GREAT pictures!! I agree with you in saying that unplanned activities are usually the most the fun.. You'll remember those more because they popped out of nowhere and you'll never let go of those feelings that you experienced when you were surprised. I hope to see you in Taylor this weekend. Sorry I didn't get to you last night, I had a terrible headahce and I wasn't very much fun to be around.. Have a good day!

Heather said...

ok...WHO TOOK those AMAZING pictures!?!!?!?!? hhmmmmm???? She must be such a talented photographer!!!

sarah said...

Apartment memories are so much fun to make. It's fun to see you guys just starting out because I know just how you feel. I'm excited for you that you all get to have the experience.