Saturday, September 24, 2005


I was told that my posts increase in interest when pictures are included. So this is going to be a post with some pictures.

Here is what the fun T House did on Friday night...

Proudly displaying our Starbucks orders

Tracy, posing for a Starbucks ad

All 4 of us


Standing in amazement

Melts in your mouth...

Watching in amazement

The result of too much coffee + too much sugar

Come on, just admit it. You wish you had been there.

Love you all!



Tracy said...

Thank you for exploiting my life.

taryn said...

You're welcome. You like it.

krisT said...

Cute pics you guys!! T~ I had a BLAST with you this weekend in Taylor. I hope we can hang out sometime.. Have a good week!

taryn said...

Kristi- thanks! I had fun with you, too... I'm glad we were on the same Amazing Race team. We will definitely have to do something sometime!


Heather said...

Tracy, I understand how you feel.

Taryn, can you PLEASE remove my butt from exposure to internet stalkers??