Monday, June 29, 2009


I posted yesterday with intentions of not coming back for awhile, but today was monumental.

Well, not really.

But post-worthy.

So, the morning started out like any other... with me being slightly klutzy and tripping or knocking into something and saying, "Ouch." This is nothing out of the ordinary.

Then afternoon rolls around and Kristi and I are loading up her car for a photo session. I was carrying a chair out the back door. It was a relatively big, awkward chair, so I was maneuvering it so that it would fit through the opening. As I did so, the screen door started to shut behind me and my foot came up to keep moving forward. The corner of the door caught my ankle, and instant pain shot through my foot.

No big deal, though. Ouch, but I kept moving. It was one of those injuries that hurt but I didn't really check it out until I was done putting the chair in the car because I just wanted to finish the task at hand.

However, when I looked down, the entire back of my foot was covered in blood. Upon closer inspection, a big chunk of my skin had come off and so I immediately went inside to find a band-aid and Neosporin. First, though, I dabbed at my ankle to clean up the mess. By the time I got into the bathroom and looked down, my foot had continued to bleed and I saw I had tracked it all over the kitchen floor, rug, and bathroom floor. What a mess!

I finished up w/this wound and ran off to the photo session. So much for shoes with straps for the next month. Good thing it's flip flop season.

Then tonight, Kristi was editing some images and I scooted my chair over to her computer to look at something. As I did so, the most painful sensation shot through the bottom of my OTHER foot. I looked down to confirm that indeed, a push pin had been injected into the bottom of my heel. Ouch!

Blood immediately gushed forth.


Up to the medicine cabinet again, this time in search for a smaller band-aid.

Now that I have injuries on both of my feet, maybe tomorrow I can work on my arms. My goal is to stay injury-free for the rest of tonight. I might have to start living inside of a plastic bubble.

Love you all!



sarah said...

well i'm sorry to laugh at your pain, but i did. glad i'm not the only klutz walking around:)

caitlin said...

maybe this is an indication that you need a vacation, on a cruise ship, where people carry you around on a bejeweled deck chair, and lay obscene amounts of starbucks and chocolate at your recuperating feet.

Kristi said...

hahahaha. i wish i could remember how you hurt yourself in the morning.

Sara said...

owwwww! That is one unlucky day!

Tami said...

that was hilarious!!! from one klutz to another...i "feel" your pain!!! seriously, when i was in india, stupid me only thought to take 1 pair of flip flops and they had NO traction!! I slipped multiple times EVERY SINGLE DAY for 6 weeks!!! It was terrible! I feel many times as well. I think I developed a PTSD and still walk unsure when wearing flip flops taller than a millimeter! crazy.
I also wanted to say a huge thanks for your post on my meant so much to me!!! I was actually going to e-mail you and then I realized I didn't have your address...or at least, couldn't find it. I feel like you've been a kindred spirit ever since ISU days since you A) had my dream major that I apparently didn't know about and B) you could always "talk shop" with me! I loved it.
Thanks for being such a great example in a lot of ways. I like you...and think you're very cool. :) How's that for first grader talk? But it's true. Thanks, Taryn.