Monday, June 22, 2009

about today.

5 things about today.

1. it was one of the hottest, most humid days of the year. and i was privileged to spend 2-3 hours out in it. and these hours were not spent a) swimming, b) lying directly underneath a sprinkler, or c) immersed in cold ice water, which, as far as i am concerned, were the only 3 sane ways to spend today if outdoors. no, my 2-3 hours were spent "working" (i.e. taking pictures for 2 different photo sessions), which is enough to heat a person in cold conditions. so. a large portion of my day was spent sweating.

2. but let's not blame the entire sweat session on just being outdoors. no, time spent in my car was also such. why? because my air conditioning is out. that's right. it's out in my car. on the hottest, most humid day of the year. so the 60 miles i drove today in my car were also spent in extreme heat. so then, to relieve this problem, i simply just rolled down my windows so more of this hot, humid air could "cool" me off while driving. worked like a charm... (not).

3. it is almost 11pm and i should be in bed, because i will be waking up at 5:15 am tomorrow morning. but i can't, because...

4. well, i drank 2 really sweet ice coffee drinks today. yes, 2. oops. but... i was by panera. and then i was really close to a starbucks. and, well... it was a hot day. and it tasted good.

ok, so i didn't really need to drink 2.

but they tasted good.

5. i had a great day-- i really truly did! and i topped it off with a wonderful bible study with some very special girls.

and my new best friend got me to bible study tonight.

her name is jennifer.

she belongs to a company called verizon wireless and for $10/month, i get to use her navigation services to direct me anywhere!

she automatically knows where i am at all times, she can direct me to any italian food restaurant, coffee shop, or mall according to my gps location by car or foot, and she provides me with prompts, maps, and directions all at my very finger tips!

what more could i ask for.

tonight on the way home, i actually for a minute fooled myself into thinking i could get home by myself. no problem. no need for jennifer.

after about 5 miles of driving, i saw a sign that didn't seem quite right...

so i consulted with jennifer...

and she told me to take my first legal u-turn.

i had travalled 5 miles in the wrong direction.

for $120 year, i may just be at the right place...

and as far as "at the right time," goes, i'll have to wait until verizon wireless comes out with a new "on-time" system for those of us who are chronically late.


love you all!


1 comment:

arlan and katie said...

I'm hoping your parents air conditioning was working! Sounds like quite a hot day T!

and I'm hearing friends like "Jennifer" are becoming more resourceful these days...Arlan's 65 year old Dad just received one for Father's Day, so we will see :)

I miss you!