Sunday, June 28, 2009

early top ten

I was recently in the car with an individual who will go unnamed and she told me:

"Taryn, don't take this the wrong way, but, lately you have not posted anything on your blog that has made me laugh.

I need you to make me laugh again."

Lucky for me, my self-worth isn't placed in how hilarious I am on my blog. Unfortunately for my unnamed friend, I'm fresh out of ideas.

So I have a feeling that tonight's post will be a few bricks short of something hysterical, but it's OK.

Take heart. At least I'm posting anything at all.

Life has been crazy. Really busy!

If we could get in a time machine and travel back to 6 months ago at this time, we could see me sitting in the dark, cold "purple room" of our basement, dressed in comfy warm clothes, sipping coffee, and deciding whether to turn the space heater off or not.

We fast forward to today and I am sitting in a bigger, more spacious office (however in the same basement) in air conditioning, very sun burnt, crazy busy, and one day past shooting the 6th of 15 weddings this year.

Who would have thought?

Business has grown and has been blessed, and we have the Lord to thank for that!

Anyway, my point is this: I was bored 6 months ago. And now I can't seem to sit still for one day.

But I still like to drink coffee, so that hasn't changed.

OK, enough on how "busy" life is... in other news:

I'm posting an early Top Ten, because chances are I won't be back on Tuesday. So we're early this week, but better early than not at all.

Today's Top Ten will focus on the top ten things that I would love to do if I had 3 hours of interrupted "time" in the morning. I am NOT a morning person, that is for sure. So if I had some sort of "prep" time to my day, just a 3-hour window in which I could just pause all other outside life and carry out these activities, this is what they would be. Vote for anything that you already do every morning:

1. Morning Walk or Bike Ride.
This would include music from an ipod.
It's so much more inspiring and motivating to exercise when you have tunes in your ear.
Plus the fresh air and sunshine help to "wake you up."

2. Breakfast.
I LOVE breakfast.
And not just ANY breakfast, but a good one.
Like French Toast, or
Eggs and bacon, or
A Giant Cinnamon Roll, or
Waffles & Bananas, or
something like that.

3. Coffee.
A big mug of chocolate mocha coffee.

4. Word Jumble.
This is my FAVORITE puzzle in the newspaper.
Some prefer the Sudokus.
Some like the Crossword.
I like the one at the bottom of the page, the one where you unscramble several words in order to form a list of more letters that you have to unscramble into a phrase that is the answer to some sort of play-on words comic.

5. Read.
The newspaper.
A chapter in my current book.
The devotions from my Bible.

6. Learn.
I love
I would love to devote a few minutes everyday to learning about a new topic.
I think it's good for the brain!

7. Clean.
Tidy up the place.

8. Photograph.
Something new every day.

9. Write.
In my journal, or
A card to a friend, or
It's good for the mind!

10. Pray.
It's the best way to start your day.

Love you all!


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