Sunday, June 07, 2009

my sunday.

Today was the first day in a long while that I was able to enjoy a full day uninterrupted in Morton church. With all of the wedding photography that Imagine Artists has been shooting, my weekends lately have been filled with pictures. It's a wonderful thing... but, I will say, staying in one place all day today was quite a treat. I sat up front this morning, enjoyed a great lunch, grabbed my little nephew and carted him around for awhile (and he fell asleep on my shoulder... oh, my favorite), talked to some friends, and had a great relaxing afternoon.

After church I biked over to Nautilus with my parents, the place where we work out. A lot of people around here work out at Gold's Gym. At first, I wanted to follow the crowd as the "body attack" classes and little community of people and treadmills looked attractive, but now I'm glad I stayed put at our original choice of exercise. I often get one-on-one training at Nautilus including an extra "push" when I need it as well as a correction of form to make sure I'm getting the most benefit. Also, it is my understanding that weight training is the most effective form of exercise to burn fat and stay healthy. I get my cardiovascular exercise in by going on 6-8 miles walks with my friend and by biking to Nautilus on the days I work out, so I feel like it's beneficial all across the board!

When we had successfully returned from our exercising with only a few drops of rain catching us, we decided to bathe our 2 cats. They despise this activity. I'm not sure why cats are so terrified of water but our cats definitely are. I even googled this phenomenon afterward and couldn't find any real good reason why this occurs, but nonetheless, we got the cats nice and clean and brushed.

We then journeyed to Chili's to meet Tate & Melissa and kids for dinner. After that, I hooked up with a couple of my friends. I ended up at Barnes & Noble with Holly by the end of the evening. We got our Starbucks fix and roamed the store finding magazines and books of interest. Among my selections included several books on digital photography and applications, a book on cats, and a book on personality types. I ended up purchasing a book on nonverbal communication (via body language) written by an ex-FBI agent, as this fascinates me, as well as a giant book of Word Jumbles. Those are my ultimate favorite. I look for them every morning in the paper and see how fast I can figure them out. Most prefer the Soduko or crossword puzzles, but I LOVE unscrambling the words and puzzle. Sometimes, if I can't figure out a word, I think about it all day long (in between other activities) until I do.

I also made another goal while in Barnes & Noble tonight. I'd like to make an Andy Warhol Art collection. I really love his quotes and B&N sells his art-quotes in squares, now framed, there. I almost bought another tonight to add to my 1 (I know, my collection is HUGE so far!) but I decided I have plenty of time to accumulate and I left it on the shelf. I would someday like to have 5-8 hanging in a row by my desk when IA has a bigger office.

Well, that was my day. Thought I would share. Sounds kind of diary-ish, but, oh well. I'm going to try to head to bed, I have a big week ahead!

Also, I had an idea for Top Ten this week so if I'm not running around like crazy by then I might post. It's not out-of-this-world spectacular or anything but it's post material, so maybe check back Tuesday.

Love you all!


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