Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Top Ten Tuesday 8

Notice the numerical value in the title. That means I have been doing Top Ten Tuesdays for 2 months, now. Wow. What commitment.

My subject matter for today consists of the top ten reasons why Luke is an ok guy. Here they are:

1. He works in Morton. And soon- he will live there.

2. I think he is a bigger online fanatic than me; he devotes half of his online time to his blog, and the other half validating what I tell him via "googling."

3. He always fixes my blog problems.

4. I think he is better at html than me, which is sad, because I am taking two courses in web design.

5. He likes chocolate, such as M&Ms (the best munchies EVER), chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.

6. He is an engineer (or something?) and I don't know but I think you have to be smart to be one of those.

7. He enjoys pineapple, long walks on the beach, and bright Autumn days (I just made that up, but it seems to fit the theme of these list items)

8. When I ask hiim a simple question, such as, "What is your favorite animal?" it inspires a whole nother conversation on what category of animal to be considered, such as "wild, pet, or overall." No conversation or question is left un-psycho-analyzed.

9. I learned from him that "nother," is indeed (note how it was successfully used in list item 8) an informal way to use "other."

10. His favorite animal, I finally found out, is probably a wolf or a tiger.

There they are, folks. Please vote. Love you all. T


Luke said...

yeah...if you could put emoticons on here...I'd definitely be blushing.

Ok, that was a lie, I haven't blushed in about 10 years, but if I were the type who blushed, I would blush at this.

p.s. Isn't "nother" a cool word?

taryn said...

Oh, Luke, what is there to blush about. Besides, if I recall collectly, this was your idea :) But hey, I like writing nice things about my friends, so there it is.

Yes, "nother" is the coolest word of all times.

natz said...

I would have to vote with number 5, the chocolate one.

Ya know, I had always questioned whether or not I thought Luke was an OK guy. Taryn, you put my mind at ease. :)

JakeGman said...

WOW...A whole top ten devoted to Luke! I would say that I am jealous...but since I still am maintaining my antiblogging status, I have to say that I am not really that Jealous...I mean who reads these things anyways? :)

I am going to have to vote for #1 on this one! Especially since I plan on living with The man who gets an entire top ten blog devoted to him!!

thedoorsopen said...

8 will do... Twas a difficult choice, but it shows His mind. That said, 7 shows his heart. That's touching, alas... so was the entire post:)

Paul said...

So.... let me get this straight.... he's single, right??

OH Lucas, get out your stick... you'll be beat'n them off after this. :D


But hey, he's movin to my neighborhood.... So what are the chances of a girl like you and a guy like me hav'n somethin.....
1 in a hundred
1 in a million? :P

jOeL said...

Luke is pretty much my hero.....Kinda.....Actually not really.....Now that I think about it I really don't like him at all.
Just kidding Luke! We really need to start our anonymous hater club.

Luke said...

Joel, my mom said that hate's a strong word...

We'll start an "Anonymous Strongly Disliker" club. :) We could have our headquarters just down the street from Adventures in Oddessy!! Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Jenny said...

hm...I think I'll have to vote number 8.
You forgot to put in one about how he will answer any email no matter how crazy random it is. :)

erin mae said...

7...definitely 7. even if it isn't true..i think it is kinda funny...plus I can't admit to 5 describing him well because I still owe him some chocolate chip cookies because of number 1...moving to morton. Sorry Luke...I'm a terrible friend. :) Love ya Taryn!

scott said...

"nother" sounds like it can't decide whether to be "another" or "other"

my vote: number 2. i know of no one else who comes even close in blogging (both his and others).

Priscilla said...

Hmmmm. I don't know Luke. But I'd have to say #5 'cuz anyone who loves chocolate must be cool.

Luke said...

Priscilla: I'm not "cool", I'm "ok". *grin*

There's a difference.

Priscilla said...

That's ok! Your God loves you anyway!
I'm not cool either!
(now I'm going to start singing!)